“The Day of the Doctor” is Almost Here

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The popular BBC series Doctor Who has an enormous fanbase; one that’s kept the show running for 50 years. This year marks the momentous occasion with an upcoming special that will feature several different Doctors and companions.

News of the special, “The Day of the Doctor,” has fans on the edge of their seats.

Doctor Who has kept itself going with the same title character for 50 years by changing the actor every once in a while.

The switch is made when a Doctor regenerates, transforming into someone new. The latest Doctor, Matt Smith, has made a considerable impression on “Whovians,” fans of the show.

The 50th anniversary special is said to feature more than one Doctor, though it is not clear how multiple Doctors are going to be incorporated into the special. Fan favorite David Tennant will return, as well as Billie Piper as Rose, the most famous of his companions.

One surprise in the casting is the announcement that the ninth Doctor will not be played by his original actor, Christopher Eccleston, but will instead be portrayed by John Hurt of Harry Potter and Merlin fame.

Eccleston has had his hands full with the latest Marvel movie, in theaters this Friday, Nov. 8, but it is no secret that he didn’t have the best time filming Doctor Who. Still, it’s easy to get a glimpse of him as Malekith in Thor: The Dark World.

Another hurdle the show has to tackle is introducing the newest Doctor, Scottish actor Peter Capaldi.

Capaldi will be incarnation number 12 of the Doctor, and producers of the show predict he will win watchers’ hearts with ease.

With fans eagerly wolfing down details about the special, it was a buffet when BBC released the synopsis.

Steven Moffat, who wrote the episode, has previously said that it will “change the narrative” of Doctor Who.

The BBC is celebrating Doctor Who’s anniversary by airing several programs dedicated to it, including a lecture about the science of the show, a Doctor Who-themed episode of The Culture Show and An Adventure In Space And Time, a one-off BBC Two drama penned by Mark Gatiss about the creation of the series in the early ‘60s. Meanwhile, BBC Four will broadcast a restored version of An Unearthly Child, Doctor Who’s first ever adventure from 1963.

The special will be airing in select theaters across America, including some in Chicago. However, it’s more likely you’ll catch it on BBC America. Hopefully you have a friend with an awesome cable set up.? 

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