Growing the Green Fund

Vanessa Vincent

The Green Fund has established their Steering Committee for the year and is beginning to prioritize its projects for their three-year plan.

The Green Fund is a program that allows students to lead and take part in large-scale sustainability projects that affect the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point.

For a project to be considered, it must promote innovative new solutions that address campus sustainability concerns.

Natashia Powell is a member of the environmental sustainability issues committee and talked about the upcoming ideas that are being discussed.

“We have been working with Central Wisconsin Environmental Services, discussing their use of recycled garbage bags, and have been looking in to the use of the eco-friendly bags for our campus,” Powell said. “We have also been talking about covered bike racks for students. We are always looking for some new ideas.”

The organization is made up of two branches: the Green Council and the Steering Committee. The Student Government Association and the Environmental and Sustainability Issues Director Will Davis will chair each branch.

The scope of the green council is to gather ideas from any student, present initiatives, and project proposals and policy recommendations for evaluation as well as potential future projects by the Steering Committee.

Required fees for each student are $12 per academic year. The total amounts to $115,000 available for that year. Any remaining money will be carried over to the next school year and segregated fees are approved by a referendum given to the student body every five years.

UWSP senior Stephanie Roland had positive feelings about the idea.

“I am in favor of paying a small fee to benefit the sustainability projects for our campus. I think a segregated fee is a great idea because otherwise, fewer students would contribute to the fund,” Roland said.

With the council and the Steering Committee all set to go, project ideas are now open for discussion. If any individual has thoughts to contribute they can fill out an application form available through SGA.

Any student organization recognized by the SGA may attend any meeting of the Green Council. Every recognized student organization shall have one vote to be cast by the ranking officer present or their designee.

“I think this is an organization for all students to say they can be proud of, because they are part of something that is making a positive difference,” Rowland said. 

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