Stevens Point Writer Passes Away

Cassie Scott

The Stevens Point area lost a beloved member of the community on Monday, Nov. 4.

George Rogers, age 85, dedicated more than 60 years of his life to the Stevens Point Journal and the Portage County Gazette. He was a major outdoor writing contributor and columnist as well as the editor for the SPJ and a co-founder of the Gazette.

Not only was Rogers deeply involved with the community publications, but at age 84 he submitted a manuscript to Cornerstone Press, the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point’s publishing company.

Cornerstone Press consists of a group of students enrolled in the semester long English 349: Editing and Publishing class.

His manuscript was selected by the class during the Fall of 2012. The group of 23 students, led by UWSP faculty member Dan Dieterich, edited, promoted, advertised, and sold Rogers’ book.

Personally,asadvertisingmanager of the Cornerstone Press group that selected Rogers’ submission in Fall of 2012, it was an honor to help make his dream of getting a book published become a reality.

On behalf of that semester’s Cornerstone Press staff, I’d like to say it was a pleasure to work with Rogers, and publishing his book, “Among the Leaves: A collection of Outdoor Essays,” was a memorable experience.

“George is someone who after you have met him once, you feel like you have known him forever. Just talking to him and his wife for a half hour made you feel like you were at home,” said Stephanie School, Cornerstone Press’s Fall 2012 associate social media coordinator.

“Although I never worked with George Rogers one-on-one, I was glad to have been able to get to be a part of the team who got to meet such a wonderful, intelligent man. His captivating words and his personality will definitely be missed,” said Lisa Deakins, associate substance editor for Rogers’ book.

Copyeditor for the book, senior Connor Falk, considers himself lucky that he was a part of the publishing process.

“He gave all of us at Cornerstone Press an opportunity to learn and grow together. And, for that, I can’t possibly thank him enough. George will be dearly missed by all of us,” Falk said.

His passion for the environment influenced many of his columns. “Among the Leaves” solidifies many of the outdoor pieces he wrote.

The Portage County Gazette wrote “The active writing of George Rogers has ended. But his legacy in printed words will live on, providing readers with information on an assortment of topics.” 

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