I Won’t Be Home for the Holidays

Students living off campus or in the suites have the opportunity to stay in their living quarters during breaks throughout the school year. This can be especially helpful for students who live far away from Stevens Point.

Being able to stay oncampus can be very beneficial for students that need some time to relax. With going home for the holidays, many students get to spend time with family, but for those who cannot, being able to relax and catch up on homework can be the silver lining.

Teachers tend to assign projects or bigger assignments during breaks. With Thanksgiving break being so close to the end of the semester, you can bet this is bound to happen for many students.

Beyond catching up on homework, students can spend their extra time on things they enjoy that they do not normally have time for, like catching up on a television series or reading a book.

However, staying on campus means students may be missing out on a family Thanksgiving dinner. Something students can do is create a meal of their own.

Since dinning services will close at 1 p.m. the Wednesday before Thanksgiving until Sunday dinner hours, students have the opportunity to eat what they like and decide on the meals that suite them best.

One place to start with Thanksgiving dinner is ordering dessert from the student bakers. From the dining services, students can order an apple, pecan, cherry, pumpkin or blueberry pie by emailing Suzette Conley (sconley@uwsp.edu), assistant director of business for dining services. Pies are $9 each and need to be ordered by Nov. 21 and can be arranged to be picked up.

After securing a pie, students can cook their own dinner. Feeling confident? Scour the web and look for exciting new meal plans from Pinterest or seek family for recipes.

If all else fails, students can always order their favorite pizza from Toppers or a sub from Jimmy Johns.

Once the Thanksgiving meal​is finished, get into the Christmas spirit with lights, garland, and a personalized Christmas tree. Getting a head start on decorating and candy making can save time in the long run.

Being away from family can be a real downer while on break, so Skype and Facetime are options to stay in contact.

Keeping in touch with family and being surrounded with food and entertainment that feel like home can help make break amazing. Being able to keep up on homework and have time to relax will allow students to go into the last few weeks of school refreshed and ready to conquer final exams.

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