Meet UWSP’s New Outreach Coordinator

Cassie Scott

The Gender and Sexuality Alliance has a new outreach coordinator who will mentor and guide students as well as help facilitate events and programming on campus.

“Gender and Sexuality outreach and education are my forte. My career goals and personal mission in life are to spread knowledge and equality in regard to gender and sexuality issues,” said GSA’s newest staff member Alyssa Oltmanns.

As the coordinator of Gender and Sexuality Outreach Services, Illinois native Alyssa Oltmanns will work with GSA, the Women’s Resource Center, Student Government Association and PAVE which stands for Promoting Awareness, Victim Empowerment. In addition to working with all of these organizations, she will also be available to assist faculty, staff and community members.

While working with individuals from all around campus, she plans to positively influence policies at the university to make them serve all genders and sexualities more effectively.

“I supervise practicum students. I work with Safe Zone Training. I serve on the Faculty-Staff Gay-Straight Alliance and Housing committees. I am attending a conference in Washington D.C. on bystander intervention and that’s just after two weeks on the job. More is guaranteed to come,” Oltmanns said.

Busy, but prepared for the job, Oltmanns has many qualifications that helped her attain the position.

“As an undergraduate student at the University of Illinois at Chicago, I really started my academic career in gender and sexuality. My research focus, as an English major, was gender and sexuality issues and I filled my time with gender and women’s studies courses,” Oltmanns said.

When she was an undergraduate, she worked for the Department of Gender and Women’s Studies on her campus. At her first post-college job, she started the LGBTQ organization at Ashford University in Clinton, Iowa.

“There I also obtained my master of arts in education, emphasis in higher education, research focus in LGBTQ students as at-risk populations, their inclusion and their retention on college campuses,” Oltmanns said.

Oltmanns spent years as an academic administrator in the field of LGBTQ studies and advocacy. In those years, her work revolved around formal study, research and publication and volunteer work.

“It’s a natural compulsion of mine to educate and create awareness, to never stop advocating,” Oltmanns said. “I plan to be innovative and relentless. I want to work with everyone on campus to make everything in existence even better.”

Oltmanns said she is very impressed with awareness UWSP has to a number of issues. She likes the fact that anyone from any background or social group has mentors and resources to go to, including athletes and students with disabilities.

“The campus is already a great, inclusive atmosphere, but with someone dedicated full-time to this role, it can only grow as a nurturing, supportive home to LGBTQ students and all students in general,” Oltmanns said.

With Oltmanns serving as UWSP’s new gender and sexuality outreach coordinator, students should feel comfortable having her as an informed resource.

Oltmanns said that after a full day of interviewing for the position, she knew if she did not get to come back and work with everyone full-time she would have been heartbroken.

“Seeing this position open up was nothing short of finding my dream job and I’m proud to finally be a Wisconsinite,” Oltmanns said. 

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