Questioning Christmas Music in the Classroom

Equality around the holidays is an issue dealt with every year during the winter months.

At the University of Wisconsin- Stevens Point there are no regulations against Christmas music being played or taught.

“There are no guidelines against Christmas music,” said Monica Anderson, senior administrative specialist of the UWSP Music Department.

“A lot of times the December concert will include music that is religious but they always try for a balanced approach,” said Patricia Holland, chair of the Music Department.

A limited amount of Christmas- themed concerts are allowed to take place at UWSP because it is a public university.

“Tuba Christmas is the only Christmas music performance that takes place around this time of year,” said Anderson. “That performance is put on by people in the community​that volunteer, it’s their choice.”

Tuba Christmas will take place in Michelson Hall in the Noel Fine Arts Center on Dec. 13 at 7:30 p.m. The performance is free to the public and all that attend are encouraged to wear holiday attire.

Holland explained that instrumental music is typically not rooted in religion, while choral music has many aspects based within religion.

Holland also said the teaching of Christian Christmas music is more of a learning tool than it is a religious observance. Countless songs may have a religious background but students do not have to take it in that perspective.

“I think people should care about the music itself,” said Sarah Nelson, sophomore clarinet performance major. “You can take your own personal feeling into any song.”

Recently, the Wausau school district has been involved in a Christmas controversy regarding how acceptable it is to have religious music in school concerts and curriculum.The district has decided not to make any further decisions on the situation of taking away Christmas music from the school setting. The proposal was to either change the theme of a recital or have four songs that are not religious for everyone that is.

The proposal was not accepted because the district needs more time to research the issue, according to WAOW Newsline 9 out of Wausau.

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