Winners of “The Sing Off” Perform on Campus

Winners of “The Sing Off” Perform on Campus

Emma St.Aubin

Many of us jam to country tunes on our iPods and on the radio while we drive around town and until now those beats were never a capella.

Home Free, the world’s first country a capella vocal band, began in 2000 and won season four of “The Sing Off” just over a month ago. Before kicking off the tour for “The Sing Off” in February, the vocalists are performing at campuses across the nation, including here at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point.

The Minnesota-based group put on an aca-awesome performance last Friday for the Stevens Point community in the Laird Room of the Dreyfus University Center.

Another all-male a cappella group, Fundamentally Sound, opened the show with tunes ranging from Disney to Justin Timberlake. The group is based out of UW-Madison and is composed of 12 student vocalists.

Countless students ventured into the cold weather to see the vocal groups, including senior Alyssa Sanfilippo.

“I saw ‘The Sing Off’ and heard that Home Free was coming to campus and was so excited. I had to go watch them,” Sanfilippo said.

Photo by Emma St. Aubin. A capella country  group Home Free performed at UWSP.

Photo by Emma St. Aubin.
A capella country group Home Free performed at UWSP.

For those unsure of what a capella is, it is a genre of music without the use of instruments. Instead, the singers use their voices to mimic the sounds of instruments.

In fact, one group member in Home Free has the official title of vocal percussionist.

“I didn’t know it was humanly possible to beatbox the way the vocal percussionist did,” Sanfilippo said.

Lauren Seward, another UWSP student, also attended last Friday’s show.

“My roommate is a big fan of Home Free and suggested I come out and I’m so glad I did,” Seward said. “There was a lot of talent and it was exciting seeing a group I’ve seen on TV.”

Home Free entertained with more than just a night of a capella, but added plenty of interaction with the audience.

They even wrote a song that jokes about the nonsense that flows through their minds while on stage. The melody was catchy with lyrics regarding thoughts about their pets and reading the minds of audience members.

“I thought it was neat how they brought a lot of humor into the show,” Seward said.

Although the vocal group performs mostly country tunes, they included covers from Avicii, the Jackson Five, and a pop-medley of their guilty pleasures including Justin Bieber and Carly Rae Jepson.

The group’s first album is available on iTunes and will be available in stores Feb. 18, 2014.


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