A Bar Remodeled: Mugshots Reborn as Steve-O’s

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Steve-O’s, a new bar in the square of downtown Stevens Point, has recently opened their doors after undergoing a huge renovation on Jan. 24.

Ryan Stevenson, the new owner of the formly known as bar Mugshots, bought the building and renamed it Steve-O’s after his last name.

Stevenson has also been managing the Point After Pub and Grill for the last four years.

“I had been looking for an opportunity to get into managing another bar,” Stevenson said.

Photos by Emily Hoffmann. Mugshots has been sold, remodeled and replaced by Steve-O’s.

Photos by Emily Hoffmann.
Mugshots has been sold, remodeled and replaced by Steve-O’s.


To his advantage, the owner of Mugshots was interested in getting rid of it. He talked and negotiated prices with the previous owner, Chris Reynolds, for about a year and a half.

The first thing Stevenson decided to do after purchasing the property was remodel and renovate the building.

“It was really bad. We had to remodel everything,” Stevenson said. “The floors behind the bar and in the bathroom were completely rotted out. We had to take them right down to the studs and put in all new.”

The bar also purchased new coolers, which were rotted out and ruined as well.

“Pretty much everything in here is brand new except for the bar top,” Stevenson said.

Monica Lenius, a communication student, loves the remodel.

“It brightened up the place a lot and got rid of the smell, which is pretty great,” Lenius said.

The bar has only been open for little over a week, but so far business has been going well.

“Opening weekend turned out really good. We basically just turned the lights on and it was crowded right away,” Stevenson said.

Lenius went last Saturday and said that people really seemed to like it.

“It has a sports bar kind of feel to it that I think people really liked,” Lenius said. “There’s a lot of jerseys on the wall instead of the older signs and it’s less cluttered, a lot cleaner, and the bathrooms are a thousand times better.”

Lenius also said that the atmosphere of the bar was interesting.

“There were the usual people, but you could tell a lot of people that used to go to Mugshots were coming in to check it out,” Lenius said. “I’ll miss Mugs, but it was time for the bar to be remodeled and I think they’re going to do really well there.”

Stevenson is hoping for a full house again this coming weekend.

“Week days are always a little slower and the negative 30 degree weather didn’t really help,” Stevenson said. “I think this weekend will be really busy again.”

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