Collegiate Job Fair Attracts Students

Rachel Pukall

Central Wisconsin’s 13th annual Collegiate Job Fair will be held on Wednesday Feb. 19  in the Laird room of the DUC from noon to 4 p.m.

Career Services co-sponsors the fair each February, giving students an opportunity to interact with employers offering intern and career level positions.

“It’s a collaborative event with our colleagues from Midstate and the two-year campuses in Wausau and Marshfield,” said Lorry Walters, the associate director of Career Services. “What we’re trying to do is bring together students, graduates, and employers to fill intern and career level types of positions.”

Photo courtesy of University Relations and Communications. Marshfield clinic was among many organizations at the career fair last year.

Photo courtesy of University Relations and Communications.
Marshfield clinic was among many organizations at the career fair last year.

The job fair attracts employers to campus who are interested in recruiting intern and career-level candidates for a variety of positions within their organizations and to publicize it widely.

“We have 56 employers registered, which ties with last year and if we go any higher it will be the highest we’ve ever had,” Walters said.

Some of the career level positions and internships are in central Wisconsin, but there are also many that are in other locations and potentially opportunities on a nationwide basis depending on who the employer is and where they are located.

“On the career services website there’s a section for job career fairs and if you go on UWSP sponsored events, the Central Wisconsin Collegiate job fair is on there,” Walters said. “Other fairs that are offered in Point are on there as well, along with a directory of the employers that will be there.”

Other job fairs that will be taking place this semester include the Summer Camp & Recreation Fair held on Feb. 18, the Natural Resources Career Fair on Feb. 27, and the Summer Job Fair on April 8. SIEO sponsors the summer fairs and the CNR Student Success Center sponsors the Natural Resources fair.

“We host job fair preparation programs to help students get ready, not just for this event, but others that take place here at UWSP this semester as well,” Walters said.

Career Services will be doing three different programs where they will bring in a panel of employers to answer questions from students.

“We’ll give them a brief intro as to what the fair is and what to expect and then open it up for questions and let the employers tell you what their looking for and what they like to see,” Walters said.

Walters thinks that this is a great opportunity for students to connect with employers and that everyone should take advantage of it.

“We’re doing a whole lot of the work for you. We’re bringing all these employers to campus, letting you know which programs we offer, and telling you the time and place,” Walters said. “Even if you’re booked solid with classes that afternoon, talk with your professors and let them know you’re looking for an internship or trying to sort out options after graduation and really want to talk to these employers. See what you are doing in class that day, and if you can make it up beforehand or after.”

Walters also encourages students to take it seriously.

“Don’t dress like you’re a student and come to the job fair. Dress like you’re someone looking to get hired,” Walters said. “It’s very very easy to tell the folks that are there because someone told them they had to be. They stick out like sore thumbs and if I can pick them out, you can be sure the employers can pick them out.”

Walters would also advise students to look at the advice from employers on the Central Wisconsin Collegiate Job Fair site.

“This is what they would like students to know. They suggest things on how to be prepared and how to present yourself,” Walters said. “It’s a little bit of their perspective, saying don’t be afraid to come up and ask us questions, but when you come up to talk with us, introduce yourself and don’t wait for us to take the first step.”

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