Emy J’s: A Local Treasure

Aaron Voeks


Emy J’s is a coffee shop and cafe located in downtown Stevens Point on 1st Street that specializes in a variety of baked goods, ice cream, coffee, and food comprised entirely of locally farmed meat and produce.

Upon entering Emy J’s, I was immediately hit by the aroma of freshly brewed coffee.  The intoxicating smell was more than enough to lure me in, and the warm atmosphere characterized by original works of art made me want to stay.

I placed my sandwich order after a long period of deliberation; there are a plethora of menu items to choose from, and deciding between breakfast and lunch has always been a weakness of mine.

The wait for the food was somewhat lengthy, but given that the cafe was so full I had to sit on a bench instead of at a table I would say that this was no fault of the workers.

Table markers are action figures and dolls instead of numbers usually seen in a traditional restaurant, and mine happened to be a tiger.

I am happy to report that when my turkey sandwich finally did arrive, it was worth the wait and thensome.  The bread was fantastic, the tomatoes were not the giant slabs served at the university center and the mayonnaise was delicious.  The kettle chips were also amongst the best I have ever eaten, and far surpass anything I have ever purchased from the grocery store.

Seeing as how no meal would be complete without dessert I also sampled one of their day-old oatmeal raisin cookies.  Don’t let the day-old sign discourage you, this cookie was every bit as good as the meal that preceeded it.

As you would expect, Emy J’s also has free Wi-Fi, making it hot spot for caffeine craving college students trying to study for exams.  The welcoming atmosphere and endless supply of sugary goods makes it a great place for doing homework, sitting down with friends or even going on a date.

My experience there was excellent.  I have no complaints to make about the food or the service, and will certainly find myself there again, quite possibly tomorrow.

Emy J’s ability to provide good coffee, ice cream and food truly makes it a local treasure.

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