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Financial Aid and Registration have joined forces to create the Enrollment Services Center that opened on Feb. 3 in the Student Services Center.

Students can now go to one location to deal with their registration, finances, transcripts and degree planning needs.

“There are a lot of interrelations and issues that occur between those two offices,” said Jim Barrett, associate vice chancellor for enrollment management. “We figure if we can do it all in one place it will be more efficient for the students.”

Photo by Emily Hoffmann. The Enrollment Services Center is located in room 106 of the Student Services Building.

Photo by Emily Hoffmann.
The Enrollment Services Center is located in room 106 of the Student Services Building.

This plan started to form last spring when two positions became available. Once they were filled it was decided to train each of the employees in both financial aid and registration duties.

“This change had been talked about but when we hired them it seemed like the best time to put this idea into action,” said Barrett.

The reason for creating the Enrollment Services Center was to ultimately serve students in need all in one convenient location.

“Every time a student comes in they know what to expect, it’s not a surprise and two different offices don’t give them different answers,” said Tiffany Firkus, enrollment services specialist.

“The services should be easy to use, the challenging work should be in the classroom,” Barrett said.

Advantages to this new one-stop service can range from location to deeper input on academic advice.

“I was a student here two years ago and I would have loved to have this available,” Firkus said. “You have someone on your side thinking of so many different aspects of your career here, it’s such a benefit to the student.”

“It helps us put our thumb on the questions that students don’t know the answers to and will help clarify the lines of communication,” said Leah Rose, enrollment services specialist.

There are many advantages to this new center, but there are also some aspects that still need some work.

“We hope over time this keeps running efficiently,” Barrett said. “It will be an ongoing process for all of us.”

Rose understands there is a lot to learn and admits to hearing from many students and parents who are grateful for the new operation.

The center is working on making their website more efficient for students to find what they are looking for. They will also be adding a frequently asked questions page, as well as work on engineering new processes for emails.

“We are looking at new tools to implement over the next year to enhance those services,” Barrett said.

The Enrollment Service Center can be found where the former Financial Aid Office was in room 106 of the Student Services Center.

“We look forward to seeing the students and are happy to help them,” Barrett said.

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