Quit-N-Time is Just in Time for the Spring Semester

Julia Flaherty


The Basement Brewhaus is the place to be on certain Friday nights throughout the spring semester because of their musical lineup that engages students in relaxation and variety.

The Quit-N-Time series will help students wind down from a hard week with the help of a range of tunes and an equal variety of free tasty snacks.  Coffee and other beverages are also available for purchase.

Photo by Cole Witter. Sheyenne, also known as John-Ford-Dunker, performed in the Brewhaus last Friday.

Photo by Cole Witter.
Sheyenne, also known as John-Ford-Dunker, performed in the Brewhaus last Friday.

Bonner was one of the first musicians to perform as part of the series this semester. Bonner performed on Friday, Jan. 31, while the series itself kicked off on Friday, Jan. 24 with musical acts Charles Vang and Sued by Prudes.

“Music is something I’m good at and is something I love to do,” Bonner said. Bonner has been playing for the Quit-N-Time events at the Basement Brewhaus for eight semesters.

Quit-N-Time did not originally feature music. It is still a recent and encouraging development that was implemented in the last few years.

Bonner first enjoyed the Brewhaus’ ‘Open Mic Night’ as a young student. He recalls that the Brewhaus was the first location he ever played on campus, so it is special for him to get to continue to play this location.

What goes into making this event happen is more than just the musical talent, but also the people behind the scenes, including the events and promotions coordinator at the Brewhaus, Emmitt Williams.

Williams’ list of duties includes making pre-contracts with outside campus talent, coordinating with on campus graphic designers, setting up equipment for talent, and administering Facebook banners.

“You get to support your peers. It’s your opportunity to support someone on campus that you might not have known about before,” Williams said.

The “Quit-N-Time” series is notable for featuring on campus talent. Williams says that when looking for acts to book he searches for variety. He enjoys a change in genre.

“I go with what I think sounds good and hope other people think it sounds good too. It’s fun to mix things up,” Williams said.

Genres that have been featured in the past include neo-soul, free lance and acoustic, among others.

Whether you are going for the coffee, the musical variety or because you are in search of a new face to call friendly, it seems that there is an aspect of Quit-N-Time for most everyone to enjoy.

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