Freeze Fest Brings Winter Joy to Students

Mary Marvin

Winter can get harsh for Wisconsinites, especially when we are seemingly endlessly trapped indoors. Freeze Fest is a week planned with winter in mind to get students out of the dorms and into the snow.

Freeze Fest is a competitive event where each residence hall is a team. The fest goes on for one week, with each hall competing to be the best.

For each event that students participate in, their hall earns points. This goes towards their team at the end of the week, when it is revealed who had the most students join in the fun.

Photo courtesy Residence Hall Association. May Roach residents celebrate their sled race victory at Freeze Fest on Monday.

Photo courtesy Residence Hall Association.
May Roach residents celebrate their sled race victory at Freeze Fest on Monday.

Freeze Fest has been going on for over five years. It is put on by the Residence Hall Association, which often does large events for the students in the halls.

“We never had something big for students to get involved in during these slushy, depressing winter months until Freeze Fest started.” said Lauren Seward, special events chair for the Residence Hall Association.

It has now become an annual event,with RHA teaming up with dining services, Outdoor EdVentures and Centertainment Productions.

Hundreds of students partake in Freeze Fest. The first event on Monday night, a bonfire at the Allen Center, had one hundred students in attendance. Students could also get involved with more fun activities, such as Tug-of-War and ‘dog sled races,’ where four students pulled a sled manned by another student.

Other events going on during Freeze Fest include a snow sculpture competition, which is judged by the faculty and staff in the Residential Living Department, and a cookie decorating contest which any student can partake in.

Outdoor EdVentures is getting involved with a “Battleship” event to be held in the pool. Four students as a team get into a canoe and try to sink the other “battleships” using only buckets of water.

After the Pointers hockey game on Thursday night, there will be late-night ice skating at the Willett ice arena. This ice skating event has been popular in the past.

Wrapping up Freeze Fest is an open concert held in Lower DeBot on Friday at 9 p.m. where We Are the Willows will be playing.

Other student organizations are getting involved in Freeze Fest. The Cupboard is benefiting from students bringing canned goods to the events which earns extra points for their teams.

On Tuesday, RHA teamed up with dining services and hosted a “Pancake Extravaganza” as a fundraiser for The Cupboard.

Although students are a big part of the events, they are also at work behind the scenes.

“We have a huge number of volunteers who are making Freeze Fest happen, and without them Freeze Fest wouldn’t be what it is today,” Seward said.

Freeze Fest will end on Friday, Feb. 21 after a successful week of winter fun.

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