The Sochi Olympics in 1,000 Words

Tasked with the challenge of writing an all-encompassing Olympic story for the Pointer, I contemplated how to achieve maximum effectiveness while being held to a practical limit of 1,000 words.

Consequently, I started thinking outside the box for an idea and a style that would best suit my stated goal.  Thus, you have before you my very own “Ode to Sochi”, a poetic piece that takes you from Sochi to Pyeonchang, from the beginning to the end of the 2014 Olympics, moving from location to location and sport to sport all while making reference in some manner to every Gold Medal performance of the Sochi games.

I hope you enjoy.

Sochi in 1,000 words

An impossible undertaking?

Or a proposition worth the effort

Celebrating history in the making


On the shores of the Black Sea

The entire globe descended

From the other side of the world

I was ready to see sport transcended


A spectacle for the ages

An irresistible urge

For me, the chance to reminisce

The champions that emerged


We make our way first

To Rosa Khutor

Where a 20-year-old Sage

Created the first uproar


An American born Russian

Went Wild with double gold

While A Russian-born Swiss

Outdueled a 15-year-old


While Eva, Julia

And Patrizia awed

Farrington and Anderson

Made U. S. fans applaud


Snocross concluded triumphantly

For the Frenchman Vaultier

Jean-Frederic, Arnaud and Jonathan

Made it France all day


Dara and Marielle

Brought Canada glory

While Justine and Chloe

Made a memorable sister story


Joss, Gus and Nick

Did America proud

As Wise and Bowman thrilled

The inaugural half-pipe crowd


Belarus flew high

Anton, the veteran trooper

Let’s not forget Alla

Man, was she Tsuper


I am no longer remissed

In mentioning Alexander the Great

Moguls were his forte

And history was his date


I jumped from my chair

After Bilodeau’s golden run

A duplicate freestyle gold

Had finally been won


But what of the Alpine

A sport littered in tradition

Krasnaya Polyana

Rendered another exciting edition



Downhill exultation

Was the first to be seized

Mayer proved worthy

Austria again pleased


Sandro surprised the favorites

Kjetil matched his famous name

And after Shiffrin won gold

The Olympics were never the same


18 years old

An incredible thrill

And a 36-year-old Bode

Showed he wasn’t over the hill


Hundredths of second

The clock doesn’t lie

Thus all the more amazing

We had the first ever tie


Maze and Gisin

They certainly didn’t complain

They secured a golden prize

A life’s work obtained


Fenninger’s Super-G

Added to Austria’s haul

But it was Maria Hoefl-Riesch

Whose defense trumped them all


Vancouver disappointment

Had Ted extremely fidgety

But when the Giant Slalom finished

It was all smiles for Ligety


An unforgettable slalom

Saw a career capped for Matt

Onto Sanki we traverse

Sliding is where it’s at


Tretiakov reached the pinnacle

Giving Russia reason to obsess

While Yarnold’s face down courage

Gave Britain its sole success


Zubkov’s dynamic driving

Ensured Russia went two for two

While Holcomb reenacted

His famous 62


Williams came to “track”

Creating a taste of Summer

But Canadiens Humphreys and Moyse

Were able to overcome her


Felix the Master

Was dominant again

He had a Loch on the competition

Finishing where he once had been


Geisenberger continued

And Tobias two finished

Germany swept it all

The opposition diminished



But what of Zoeggeler

The all-time great

The Italian made history

With six consecutives “plates”


Not even Sir Redgrave

Could replicate this feat

It is Armin the Cannibal

Who stands alone atop the sheet


As we fly to Gorki

There’s reason to be Stoch-ed

For Kamil soared above

His opponents got smoked


Germany fought back

The team could not be caught

And the first Women’s Gold

Went to Miss Carina Vogt


An ageless wonder emerged

Kasai looked 20 years younger

While in Nordic Combined

It was Frenzel showing hunger


An injured shoulder later

Grabaak stole the thunder

It was Norway who arose

And took the golden plunder


Inside the Bolshoy Ice Dome

The U. S. had double hope

But in the end it was Canada

Who both times said “nope”


Caroline, Jayna and Hayley

Experienced quadruple the pleasure

While the men defended their title

Making Canada best by any measure


The Canucks were on a high

But what about curling?

Their stone sliders delivered

A performance that was sterling


It was gold across the board

For the men their third in a row

It’s the Iceberg Skating Palace

The next place we will go


A maiden team event

Gave Russia ultimate pride

Meaning Yevgeni Plushenko

Could finally step aside


Tatiana and Maxim

Continued the hosts’ dominance

While Davis and White

Rose America to prominence


Hanyu outdid Chan

For Japan, a grand slam

And Denis Ten made a name

For the forgotten Koryo-Sam



A repeat for Kim?

At last, it was not to be

For the spotlight was beautifully stolen

By Sotnikova, her majesty


A reallocated Palace

Saw speed stake its claim

When Short Track was over

Viktor Ahn had reinstated his fame.


A medal has been his

In every Olympic confrontation

The former Ahn Hyun-Soo

Now has four for two nations


Hamelin prevailed once

While China did twice

For Li an initial gold

For Zhou, a 1500 “vise”


Park and South Korea

Saved face in the relay

While Adler saw the Dutch

Make the world pay


Kramer defended

And Groothius broke through

Bergsma and ter Mors

And Mulder too


A delayed computer reading

Championed the latter

The agony of defeat

Left Smeekens shattered


Wust’s fourfold conquest

Was a show for the ages

While Martina Sablikova

Graced repeat stages


Lee and Zhang confirmed

A Far Eastern influence

Brodka and Verweij skated

To impossible congruence


While America disappointed

Pursuits held form

A millisecond from Heiden

An overwhelming Orange storm


To beautiful Laura

We have finally arrived

It was Dario Cologna

Who doubly thrived


Falla and Hattestad

Took care of the sprints

While Iivo and Sami

Left a Finnish imprint


Sweden’s distance relays

Were a go from the beginning

And Kowalczyk’s “class” act

Was essential in her winning



Legkov led a Russian Sweep

While one increased her Marit

Three medals later

Meant a record to inherit


Fourcade was twice victorious

Whether standing or in prone

And Darya Domracheva

Entered triple gold zone


Emil escaped, Kuzmina reprised

Russia captured relay spoils

Semerenko plus two championed Ukraine

Joy for a nation in turmoil


Last but not least

A legend indeed

Chasing his countryman

For the all-time winter lead


Two medals later

And the record had fallen

In the hands of the “King”

Ole Einar Bjoerndalen


Russia topped the table

Leaving Sochi with a bang

Only four more years

And it’s off to Pyeonchang!

Jason Sleik

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