Behind the Bar: Hot Toddies

Behind the Bar: Hot Toddies


Served warm, the Hot Toddy has been a favorite before bed drink on those cold and snowy winter days. Sometimes thought to be a cure for the common cold and influenza, this drink is far easier to consume than over-the-counter medications. In her book “How to Drink,” wine and drink critic Victoria Moore said, “The vitamin C for health, the honey to soothe, the alcohol to numb.” The Hot Toddy is the perfect drink for curing that post-winter sniffle.

1 Cup of Brewed Gunpowder Green Tea

1 Tablespoon of Local Honey

An Orange Slice

1 Shot of Brandy

The Pointer does not promote the consumption of alcohol for people under age 21. When consuming alcoholic beverages, please drink responsibly.


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