Blessed Feathers and Astronaut Husband Serenade Fans

The Encore was full of music lovers last Thursday when Indie bands Blessed Feathers and Astronaut Husband held a concert.

Astronaut Husband, created by the university’s own Alec Grefe, started off the show with six songs. The mood of the night was a bit somber, as someone close to Blessed Feathers’ guitarist had recently passed away. Grefe asked the audience to remember to call their mother, father, and grandparents just to say hello.

Photo by Emily Hoffmann Students listen to Blessed Feathers.

Photo by Emily Hoffmann
Students listen to Blessed Feathers.

The six songs Astronaut Husband played were “For You,” “Stay,” “Coat,” “Burned Out,” “Drip,” and “Moonwalk.”

The name Astronaut Husband is the invention of Grefe.

“I’ve always like the sound of it. It just sounds lonely, which is the theme of most of my songs,” Grefe said.

Grefe started playing the guitar in seventh grade and has been writing songs ever since. He founded Astronaut Husband in his sophomore year of college, and the show on Thursday was his first public appearance.

The acoustic sound of Astronaut Husband was akin to that of Passenger or Coldplay.

After the opening act, one of the kids in the audience got to live the dream and played the drums as loud as possible.

Blessed Feathers then had their turn on the stage. The band is from West Bend and has been touring since February 2013.

Donivan Berube and girlfriend Jacquelyn Beaupre are the frontrunners of the band, providing the lead vocals. Berube plays the guitar, and Beaupre is on bass.

Much like Astronaut Husband, Blessed Feathers is mellow and down-to-earth. They enchanted the audience with their dream-like sound, putting the people into a kind of trance.

“You guys are all so chill,” Berube said. “Normally when we play college shows, it’s a sea of drunk people. This is so nice.”

Being natives of Wisconsin, Blessed Feathers already had a bit of a fan base in Stevens Point. A group of West Bend friends came to see them perform.

“I wouldn’t have missed this for the world,” said sophomore Meg Wise. “I love watching them perform. Their energy is contagious.”

Sophomore Brandon Czekay is also a native of West Bend.

“The last time I saw them was five years ago,” Czekay said. “It’s great to see them grow. Their performance was excellent and really moving.”

The most recent Blessed Feathers studio LP is titled ‘Order of the Arrow’ and can be found on their website,

Blessed Feathers is planning a tour of the southern states, with shows in Texas, Alabama, Louisiana and Tennessee in April.


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