Students Taste Local Delicacies

Students and community members alike flocked to the Laird Room in the Dreyfus University Center last Friday to try local beers and other delicacies in this year’s Taste of Wisconsin.

Photo By Emily Showers

Photo By Emily Showers

Taste of Wisconsin is an event held on campus every spring that invites Wisconsin breweries and other vendors to come together to let people sample their products.  Attendees pay for a ticket at the door and are allowed to enter and sample anything the vendors have laid out for them.

The Laird Room was lined with vendors, all providing multiple drinks and foods to choose from.  Some vendors sent their own representatives to talk about the products they were serving, others were served by the staff of the Basement Brewhaus.

Madeleine Mothes, an elementary education major at University Wisconsin-Stevens Point, was in charge of coordinating the event.

“We don’t have anything outside the state, it’s all stuff you can get locally,” Mothes said.

Each table included a map of Wisconsin with a dot marking what part of the state the vendor was from.

Dan Weltzin, a business and public relations major, was one of the students who was working on behalf of a vendor.

“It’s a great place you can come to find out what your taste is,” Weltzin said.

Attendees are given a sampling glass at the door, and go around to each table and have it filled with whatever product they choose.  At the end of the night students filled out a card saying what their favorite drinks were.

English major Bri Todaro believed the event gave publicity to deserving local companies.

“I think it brings awareness to the small business you don’t know about,” she said.

With such a large volume of vendors and participants, the event required a lot of preparation.

“I wind up calling all the vendors in December,” Mothes said.

Four to six cases of beer are bought from each vendor that agrees to participate.  All of the food at the event is donated.  Any unused beer is sold in the Basement Brewhaus after the event for a discounted price.


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