Fashion Bloggers Employ Social Media to Create Opportunity

The role of a fashion blogger can be easily misinterpreted as an unimportant hobby. With the proper utilization of social media, however, these bloggers have turned it into a sexy resume tool and have re-imagined blogging’s actual value.

“Blogging was once looked at as a citizen journalist role, but now employers are actually looking,” said Katherine Knight, communication student at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point.

When reflecting upon her own blogging experience, Knight recalled how her role as a blogger gave her an advantage in the workforce.

When Knight was in search of work at the beginning of the new year, she signed up for At the time, Knight desired to reach out to employers and maybe land a job or internship. She applied for some open positions on the site and did not really expect to hear back.

“I was trying at a lot of different things and seeing what happened,” Knight said.

As it turns out, The Daily Quirk, a website based in New York City, was interested in Knight primarily for her writing style, featured on her blog, Fashion Speech. She was hired late in January 2014.

Knight did  not expect to get the gig at The Daily Quirk, but made a point to express how important networking is and how grateful she is for this particular experience. Though Knight identifies herself as a fashion blogger, she also makes a point to include lifestyle topics in her work.

“It’s a great opportunity,” Knight said.

 Allison Kelley, blogger at Three Dollar Fashion, also commented on how her experience with blogging helped her land her current job at UWSP Centertainment.

“They liked my writing style,” Kelley said.

Kelley was pleased to talk about her personal experience with social media and blogging and emphasizes how it has affected her job outlook.

“It’s been an outlet for me to express my hobbies: writing and thrift shopping. Now it has blossomed into opportunity. I think that without social media outlets there is no way to get the word out about your blog,” Kelley said.

Kelley began blogging in November 2012, while Knight estimated her experience began about a year and a half ago. While both women credit Pinterest as a great source for fashion bloggers to get their word out, Kelley especially emphasizes the use of Facebook.

“Facebook is a way for me to let my friends and family to know what’s going on with my blog,” Kelley said.

Knight feels differently.

“Personally, I think that Facebook is on its way out. I really like to use Twitter and Pinterest for social media outlets with my blogging,” Knight said.

Chicago based fashion blogger, Rach Dulay of RD’s Obsessions, notices the impact social media has had on her blogging experience already. Dulay started blogging in early 2014 and is already part of a few Chicago based blogging networks.

“It’s great connecting with other bloggers. I’m able to grab more ideas than I ever thought I could have,” Dulay said.

Dulay also notes the relevance of presenting her blog visuals on popular social media sites such as Instagram.

“It [Instagram] is more visually appealing. Because you’re a blogger, I think it’s important to show what you’re doing visually to gravitate your audience,” Dulay said.

It seems that social media is increasingly important for self promotion with fashion bloggers, especially for Kelley and Knight, as they attempt to better their resumes. Fashion is always changing and perhaps the role of a fashion blogger on social media is too.


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