Inclusivity Week bound to ‘Be U-tiful’

From March 31 to April 5, Inclusivity Week is bound to build connections and encourage personal growth, especially with the delivery of SGA’s “Be U-tiful” campaign.

“The idea of the campaign is to build up the idea that everyone is perfect in their own way,” said Shawn Ward, inclusivity director for SGA at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point.

The campaign will center on models from UWSP that volunteer their chosen feature to emphasize in posters. Individuals will choose a particular physical feature that they find beautiful about themselves to highlight in campaign promotions.

“I would love it if we got a wide array of cultures and personalities to show in the campaign,” Ward said.

Erika Klefstad, secretary for multicultural awareness in the natural resources and related sciences, feels that being involved as a model for this campaign will instill self and community pride.

“Inclusivity Week promotes understanding and acceptance of others.  The ‘Be U-tiful’ campaign helps people realize they must also accept themselves,” Klefstad said.

Klefstad’s decision to become involved was a reflection of her own values.

“I have heard before that it is impossible to love another if you do not first love yourself. The ‘Be U-tiful’ campaign preaches that perfectly,” Klefstad said.

The “Be U-tiful” campaign is a new aspect to this year’s Inclusivity Week, but it is not the only thing that is in the works for this year’s events.

In planning for the event, Ward noted how it started out big, but had to be dwindled down for time constraints.

Details of the  week’s events are still being planned out by Ward’s committee. Meanwhile, the Gender and Sexuality Alliance also has their “Out on Screen” film-fest that is coordinated with Inclusivity Week events for its focus on diverse culture.

Other events to look forward to during the week include an interfaith fair. Ward says that all religious groups are welcome to come. At the end of Inclusivity Week, students can expect to go out with a bang. International Club is likely to be in charge of this grandiose finale.

Inclusivity Week projects an emphasis on inclusive, covering all bases of student involvement. This week is likely to provide comprehensive experiences for the campus community and maybe a chance to “Be U-tiful.”


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