‘Rob Delaney: Live at the Bowery Ballroom’

Vulgar, sexual, unabashed, and beautiful, comedian and Twitter god Rob Delaney delivers it all in his standup special “Live at the Bowery Ballroom.”

If you don’t already follow Delaney on Twitter, get out of your cave and onto the Internet. You will find everything from GOP mockery to open and earnest thoughts on depression. Delaney navigates between absurdity and insightfulness with great ease and he showcases it in his standup.

The 60-minute special flies by as the articulate Delaney delves into an array of topics, most of which cannot be detailed in this publication for fear of a stern talking-to.

I can say that Delaney hates lakes, loves women, survived hepatitis A, and believes the worst thing in the world is a man with a shirt on but no pants.

Delaney shows his versatility during the standup, proving that he can be funny in more than 140 characters. He is a natural storyteller and weaves hilarious one-liners in among his longer yarns.

Overlooking his penchant for the F-word, I believe Delaney has something in his repertoire for everyone. He ranges through material like few other comedians I have seen. Delaney goes from highbrow social commentaries to lowbrow masturbation escapades at the drop of a hat, leaving you thinking and laughing the whole way through.

Rob Delaney is a paradigm breaker. Even his most uproarious jokes often serve a purpose other than making people laugh. He forces a conversation about topics many would try to avoid, evidenced by his work on trying to remove the stigma from mental health. Delaney is also a firm backer of women’s rights.

After you have sampled his humor on Twitter, “Live at the Bowery Ballroom” is a wonderful way of furthering your fancy with Rob Delaney. A quick and wild, worthwhile watch.

As long as comedy stays in the warm embrace of Delaney’s “full-body thatch,” it is certainly in a safe place. “Live at the Bowery Ballroom” is a testament to that.

Gus Merwin




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