A Diverse Student Body is Brought Together by Coffee

Students gathered in the Dreyfus University Center again last Thursday for the fourth session of this semester’s Coffee and Culture.

Coffee and Culture is a unique opportunity to take a break to learn about different cultures.

It is run by Mariah Pfundheller, a special education major at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. Pfundheller says the purpose of Coffee and Culture is to educate others about different cultures, religions and other stereotypes.  All of this is done while students enjoy a delicious cup of free coffee or tea.

Students are first educated by speakers or a video and then share their thoughts and opinions on the subject matter.

“This is an open discussion to breakdown barriers and stereotypes,” Pfundheller said.

This week’s discussion was called “fifty shades of black,” and was conducted by members of the Black Student Union.  Blair Williams, a communication major and the public relations coordinator of the union, led the discussion.

Williams talked about the importance of events like Coffee and Culture in educating students.

“There are different aspects of life we need to know about,” Williams said.

While Williams led the discussion and shared her own opinions, she also asked the attending students many questions and made it clear that their opinions were important as well.

“People have different perspectives, my perspective is not the only perspective,” Williams said.

Pfundheller stressed safety when describing Coffee and Culture.  Safety in the sense that students are able to voice their opinions and ask questions without fear of others judging or making fun of them.  Everyone is there to learn together.

Coffee and Culture brings people from all walks of life together, who have different opinions because of their wildly different experiences.  It is different people talking, learning and growing together that gives Coffee and Culture it’s value, though the free refreshments certainly help as well.


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