Softball Season Begins in Florida

After a long winter indoors, the Pointers softball team traveled to Florida over spring break where they played nine games.

The team faced many adjustments from practicing in a gym to playing in the outdoors against tough competition. Freshman outfielder Katie Thompson was one of many players who had to adapt to playing in live game situations.

Photo by Jack McLaughlin

Photo by Jack McLaughlin

“It was weird going from practicing inside to outside playing games,” Thompson said. “Getting used to fly balls outside, while working on drop steps all with not having the balls hit the ceiling.”

Thompson added that it was exciting to have a game mentality, but there was an adjustment period playing different teams.

“After being use to a practice schedule it’s different seeing other teams styles of playing compared ours,” Thompson said. “I liked seeing other pitchers pitch to us, because it was an eye opening experience facing other pitchers.”

After playing nine games, the team finished the trip with a record of 5-4. Head coach Jill Millis used the trip as an opportunity to try different line-ups with many players. She also wanted the trip to be a learning experience for the rest of the season.

“We scheduled a lot of good teams and I want them to play better teams because they can learn a lot in a loss,” Millis said. “The Florida trip shows what they need to learn.”

Thompson felt the strong competition was very helpful for the team to build off of moving forward in the season.

“You can always play better after playing a good team,” Thompson said. “There’s always stuff we can improve on because we are always learning.”

Moving on, the team begins its conference play this week with hopes of progressing after the Florida trip.

Sophomore Kendall Nelson feels more confident coming into her second season.

“Having that experience under your belt with the coaching styles and standards really helps,” Nelson said.

Millis calls the season a progression and sees improvement from the team as the season continues due to its work ethic to finish games.

“We’ve talked about finishing. Last year when the going got tough they took steps back,” Millis said. “This year there’s something different. When down they’re fighting back offensively and defensively.”

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