Students Support New Health and Wellness Center

Now that the new Health and Wellness Facilities project has officially passed as of March 13, students are showing their support for this new endeavor.

“I have not seen much of a backlash with this vote at all,” said the vice chancellor for student affairs, Al Thompson.

“Most of the confusion that was seen on the Facebook confessions page was posted before the vote, and that has all been cleared up now.”

Many students are looking forward to what this project will bring to the campus.

“I am personally really excited for it,” said sophomore special education major Kasea Roman. “I think that it will improve the campus as a whole and give everybody a chance to explore different areas of wellness. The outdoor track will be awesome and allow for more intramural activities.”

“I also think that it will add to the attraction of the campus for incoming students,” Roman said.

Many of the university’s current health and wellness facilities are in need of an upgrade and students realize this.

“Well, Delzell is basically falling apart and is so cramped, so this change is necessary,” said sophomore biology major Laura Reed. “As far as having these facilities combined, it will benefit the students to have these services closer to them and conveniently in one place.”

SGA contacted students about the vote through various means leading up to the referendum.

“I think that the university did a great job of getting the word out through e-mail and sending notifications through the mail,” Roman said. “They really made it known that they were open to questions and suggestions.”

Some students think that the university could have reached out to students by using additional means.

“I personally think that the university could have reached more people by phone,” said junior communication major John Lonetree. “It is one thing to have to read something, but to be told it over the phone could have been beneficial for students.”

Although many students will not be enrolled when the project is completed, they recognize that past generations and their contributions have made the university’s current facilities possible.

“As far as us having to pay for facilities that we will never get to use, we have to realize that students far before us paid for other improvements on campus such as the construction of the Dreyfus University Center,” Roman said. “We have to do our part for future generations.”

On the other hand, some students do not believe that they should have to pay for improvements that they will not experience themselves.

“I personally do not think that the money should come from the students. They pay out so much already,” Reed said.

Even if current students will not be taking classes when the project is completed, they will still have the chance to enjoy the facilities as community members or visitors.

“I am very excited to see the building one day,” said senior web and digital media development major Derek Piotrowski. “Even though I will not get to use the facilities, I am sure that the architecture will be beautiful. I am sure that it will be on the same level as the DUC and the Noel Fine Arts Center.”

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