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Parents across Portage County brought their kids to the Stevens Point YMCA last Friday, April 11 for the Family Health and Healthy Kids Day Fair.

The fair is part of the YMCA’s National Healthy Kids Day initiative that is celebrated on April 26.  The event gives parents and kids the opportunity to learn about healthy habits and lifestyles, all while having a great time.

Sidney Geldmeyer, a student studying health promotion and wellness, is an intern at the YMCA who helped with the event.

“From the always exciting Tom Pease concert to the various vendor booths and games, kids and families are exposed to numerous ways to live healthier in Portage County,” Geldmeyer said.

Geldmeyer referred to Tom Pease as a children’s performer who always gets the kids movin’ and groovin’.

The event usually draws about 200-250 people with kids of all ages invited. In addition to the many vendors and activities, attendees were invited to swim from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

The YMCA’s Healthy Kids Day national initiative is described on their website as a way to keep kids active outside of the school day and during the summer months.

Learning is not just limited to the kids, as parents have a number of opportunities to gain new knowledge as well.

“Many vendors focused on family health which gave both children and parents something to learn,” Geldmeyer said.  “Not only does it give their children a chance to have fun and learn healthy practices, but it also allows them to learn as a family how to lead healthier lifestyles.”

The Stevens Point YMCA is one 1,500 YMCAs that has hosted or will host an event for Healthy Kids Day.  The free educational opportunity they provided will help both parents and kids who attended make healthy choices all summer long.

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