Bike App Mapping out Trails

Central Wisconsin is offering a new smart phone app that will contain maps of bike trails for convenience and recreation.

The Bike Map App is an app that will be available for all smartphone users to download and will contain all of the established bike routes within Wood County. Users will be able to select a bike route based on the duration they want to ride, the difficulty of the bike route, and if they want to go to a specific destination.

“Users will have the choice to set up an account or use the existing routes,” said Ashley Bruger who is working on the Bike App. “With an account, members will be able to track and upload their own routes and share them with other users.”

Bike routes can also be uploaded by users to share with other riders.

Photo by Emily Hoffmann

Photo by Emily Hoffmann

“Each route will have a description of the route itself, including the difficulty and terrain,” Bruger said. “There will also be a ‘Near Me’ section, where you can find local attractions or business near you.”

Bruger says that they are hoping the app will be released this summer with continuous updates being made.

“There has been a lot of collaboration with creating the Bike App,” Bruger said. “We are working very closely with The App Brewery down in Milwaukee and students from University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee are designing and creating the app for us.”

Bruger says that they also have City Planning and Zoning employees from both Wisconsin Rapids and Marshfield, Geographic Information system (GIS) workers, several avid community bikers, employees from the Health Department, the regional Department of Transportation representative, and many others involved in the work.
“I think the Bike App will be a great way for citizens to get active within the community and surrounding area,” Bruger said. “There are many beautiful trails that people may not know exist or know where they are, and the app will be a tool for all individuals to bike safely but still have fun while exploring the area.”

Bruger says that not just the Bike App, but physical activity in general is important because, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, less than half of all adults meet the 2008 physical activity guidelines.
“I decided to get involved with the Bike App because creating a healthier environment is something I’ve been passionate about for a while,” Bruger said. “I graduated from UWSP with a degree in Health Promotion and Wellness with the hopes that I would be a part of something that creates a healthier community. The Bike App is a great community project that will help achieve not only my goal but met the goal of creating Wood County as a health county for all of its residents.”

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