EARTH Club Hosts Knutstock

EARTH Club Hosts Knutstock

Knutsen Hall’s Environmentally Aware Residents Thinking Holistically, or EARTH Club, recently put on Knutstock, a day of fun and music for students.

The event was intended as a relaxing day of performances and a place for students to hang out and meet new friends.

A stage was set up outside of Debot Dining Hall for students to perform on. This year, there were several musical acts from instrumental to electronic.

There were a total of 10 acts scheduled to perform, including Prodo, Leuco Noise, Brindo Howl, and The Belgin Confederates.

Performers brought their own instruments and had the stage for 30 to 45 minutes at a time. Initially, anyone was invited to hop on stage and perform, but the event had a number of interested parties who had signed up for every time slot.

There was no specific theme of Knutstock and any kind of music was welcome. Attendees heard several different genres of music.

Sophomore EARTH Club adviser Bailey Matthys helped organize Knutstock.

“Knutstock is a great way for students to enjoy the end of the semester and kick of the summer with great music,” Matthys said.

Attendees could just sit and chat, dance, hula-hoop, nap, throw frisbee, or relax.

“It is a great way for students to be heard by their peers and for bands to play as well,” Matthys said.

EARTH Club’s mission focuses on getting students to think about their environmental impact, centering its programs on conservation and environmental thinking.

“Knutstock is a great way to get out into the fresh air for an afternoon,” said club president Kelly Adlington.

“Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for next year,” said club member Brandon Czekay. “EARTH Club puts on a lot of events like this.”

Matthys stressed that any act is invited to perform, including poetry and comedy.

“The performers are mainly students, as well as a few bands,” Matthys said. “Anyone who can get their hands on something that makes noise can play.”

There were several students on Debot field enjoying the live music that could also be enjoyed from the surrounding residence halls.

Knutstock was considered a great success, as it filled the field with music lovers. EARTH Club plans to continue this annual event.

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