Fresh Faces on Campus in Awe of College Life

Photo by Emily Hoffmann. Students enjoyed treats while relaxing at the Residence Hall Association "Back to School House Party."

Photo by Emily Hoffmann.
Students enjoyed treats while relaxing at the Residence Hall Association “Back to School House Party.”

The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point welcomed over 1,600 newcomers last week who waded through busy campus streets and sidewalks to move into their residents halls.

Freshmen, families and upperclassmen shared their move-in day experience and how they felt about the new college setting.

With the help and organization of the Pointer Pals, people who assisted new students unload their belongings, leadership teams from various halls, and the football team, the move-ins flowed swiftly. The parents of freshman Robyn Wiersma, veterans of the move-in experience, shared their thoughts. “We really liked that the lofts were already near the dorms,” the Wiersma parents said.

They were moving in their daughter, Robyn, whose older sister lives on campus also.

Matt Luebke, a freshmen, offered his perspective on move-in week. “My favorite part of being here so far is walking around campus meeting all new people,” Luebke said.

Campus was back to its usual self as groups of students dotted the landscape. Whether students were taking it easy sunbathing or mingling in the crowd, UWSP had the look and feel of a re-energized campus.

Students expressed positive sentiments about their experiences so far, and the excitement surrounding the coming semester was palpable.

Sprinkled in among all the new faces were upperclassmen with more experience that helped pass their wisdom down to freshmen. Eric Jorgenson, a junior, offered some advice. “Get involved as much as possible. Give it your all, these are the most important four years of your life.” Jorgenson said.

Joe Dax, a senior, and Jon Pahl, a senior, have been roommates since the beginning and reminisced about their freshman year. Dax offered his own advice about getting rest as a new student. “Get your eight. Take gaming breaks,” Dax said.

Pahl offered a key to social happiness. “Don’t be afraid to explore different friend groups,” Pahl said.

Though expressed in many ways, overall it seemed freshmen students were pleased to be exposed to a new environment. For many, college is a clean state where helping neighbors, making strangers into friends and starting anew is the new normal.


By Harley Fredriksen


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