James London Clothing puts Urban Vision onto Fall Fashion

Photo by Katie Boeckman

Photo by Katie Boeckman

Emmitt James, founder of James London clothing and arts management student at the University of Wisconsin- Stevens Point, has been working hard on developing his clothing line that launched in March 2014.

This fall, James’s clothing line will reach new levels, as he shoots a short film to compliment another concept line of his clothing brand called Lovemonkey. In addition to focusing on media production, James will host an exclusive event for fans come Sept. in the Noel Fine Arts Center courtyard at UWSP. James is keeping the event on the down low, because he wants it to remain as secretive as possible to get fans of his brand excited.

James’s plan for his new concept line stemmed from an idea he had in high school.

“It has evolved to a more in-depth idea about being crazily in love with something,” James said.

In the future, James hopes to work with a flagship store or the popular retail chains H&M or Zumiez.

James’s fashion is targeted toward young adult crowds, which makes his line perfect for what he calls a “modern beat generation.” During the summer of 2014, James’s particular focus was on creating and launching crop tops. James completed the photo shoot for his new product with the help of other creative students. He said the process of completing the photo shoot helped instill a young, free, rebellious vibe that he wants to remain consistent throughout his brand.

“I borrowed a friend of mine’s yellow beetle to incorporate in the crop top shoot,” James said. “In general, I’m going for an urban vision, like a ‘hipster’ vibe with an urban spin on it.”

Mai Ger Vang, social work major, was one of James’s first models for his clothing line. Vang was part of his first video that promoted his brand and said working with James was highly enjoyable.

“It was fun just working with Emmitt and the other models. I really enjoyed my time with everybody,” Vang said.

Vang and James have been friends since their sophomore year of high school. Knowing him for years, Vang envisions a full future for him as James continues to pursue his fashion line.

“He was always a driven person, always put his mind to anything and everything,” Vang said. “I can see his line expanding and growing in the future.”

Lisa Nguyen, interior architecture major, also modeled for James and offered praise for his ambition.

“Emmitt inspires younger adults to chase their dreams, to be who they want to be, and to never give up,” Nguyen said. “He is such a great role model and as a young rapper going to school, getting a degree and working on all these projects with everyone, he will go far and so will his clothing line.”

Nguyen said that James’s passion is clear at his photo shoots.

“Modeling for Emmitt is always a great time,” Nguyen said. “He lets you be you. We get to express ourselves through the photo shoots and that’s what I enjoy most about being one of his models. He makes you feel comfortable and makes you feel that it’s not about him, it’s about you.”

Last summer, James’s focus on female fashion weighed heavily on his brand’s overall vision.

“This summer, I expanded the Emmitt James line extension and added two types of crop tops,” James said. “I know how much girls like them and I wanted to make something just for them.”

Vang was not only a model for James’s line, but is also a fan of his latest product launch.

“I like his crop tops,” Vang said. “They are definitely something for this summer since crop tops were a big fashion this summer and I think they’ll still be a great trend for this fall with a little layering.”

In the near future, James’s plans are to work with a Minnesota-based graphic designer to help build his concept lines as they are released to the public. He is inspired to keep effecting collegiate audiences with his fashion.

“Particularly, those who are driven, risk takers and lovers of art are who I would love to continue to market to,” James said.

By Arts & Entertainment Editor: Julia Flaherty



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