Witt Duo Teams Up to Coach Cross Country and Track and Field

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Photo by Jack McLaughlin Coach Rick Witt coaches on a track athlete at a meet last season.

The loss of the women’s cross country and track and field head coach brings in former Pointer All-American and head coach Rick Witt’s son Brett Witt to help lead Pointer runners.

“Stevens Point has always kind of been home for me. I grew up supporting it and I’m happy to be returning to my alma mater,”  Brett Witt, new assistant coach.

After five seasons at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, Megan Wolosyzn stepped down as the head coach of the women’s teams. She will be moving with her husband  to California where he accepted a new position.

“Coach Megan was a great coach. When I heard that she was leaving, I literally cried in my room for an hour. I am sad to see her leave, but I know that we are in good hands with the Witts,” said sophomore student Jennifer Smith.

Wolosyzn experienced success as a Pointer athlete in the early 2000s, earning multiple All-American honors and breaking several school records. Her success carried over into her coaching career. Over a dozen student athletes achieved All-American honors and 12 school records fell along with multiple academic achievement awards over her time here as a coach.

Witt is eager to fill her shoes and put his mark on the program.

“I’m not sure how exactly just yet, but I’m excited to put my stamp on things. Coach Witt has been here a long time. I’m hoping to bring some new school things to add to his old school ways,” Witt said.

Brett Witt helped out at Carthage College for 15 years prior to his return to Stevens Point. After getting his start, he became the head coach of both cross country and track and field.

Rick Witt, head coach and Brett’s father, is excited to team up with his son.

“Who wouldn’t love the opportunity to work in a professional setting with their son or daughter doing something you both love? Brett is one of the brightest young coaches out there. He’ll bring enthusiasm and knowledge to the sport and to us,” Rick Witt said.

Both Witts agree, there may be a bit of disagreement.

“We’re excited to be working together and 99 percent of the time things will go really well. I’m interested to see how that one percent will go, but we’ll deal with those disagreements as they come,” Brett Witt said.

Fortunately, the solution to this problem is easy.

“We both care about the athletes. They are number one so we’ll work through any differences putting them first,” Rick Witt said.

Rick Witt has been with the Pointers for 36 years and is ready to take on the transition this year. This is something even his athletes have noticed.

“Coach Witt has a ton of experience and has led many teams and individuals to national titles. So far the transition is going smoothly. Some things have changed a little and others are drastically different, but we are embracing it,” Smith said.

Both the men’s and women’s cross country teams were young last year and most of the runners are returning. Rick Witt sees this as a blessing in disguise.

“With transition years like this, you have to expect a learning curve. Both for the coaches and the athletes. But since a lot of our runners gained experience last year, we’re looking to work our way up the ladder,” said Rick Witt.

The UWSP cross country season opens Sept. 6. As the athletes prepare they look not only toward success, but at the friends and support around them.

“Last year our team qualified for nationals, but to me running is about a lot more than the competitions. Although we all work extremely hard and push ourselves in the pursuit of good results, the friendships and support are much more valuable in the end,” Smith said.

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