Author Stacey Springob Talks “What I’ve Learned from Never Having a Boyfriend”

Stacey Springob, a student at the University of Wisconsin-Stout, is not your average college student. In the past year, Springob has worked hard to publish and promote a book that chronicles her life of never having a boyfriend. Springob explores the lessons she has learned, the laughs she has shared and the supporters she has been lucky enough to call friends throughout her biography.

“‘What I’ve Learned From Never Having a Boyfriend'” is about exactly what the title states,” Springob said. “It’s my story about being single my entire life and what it’s taught me.”

Springob said her book’s table of contents is laid out by objectives so readers can understand exactly what she has learned from never having a boyfriend.

“Each chapter goes into detail about those ideas with stories of my humorous fails at love and the real moments anyone could relate to,” Springob said.

When describing what inspired her to write “What I’ve Learned from Never Having a Boyfriend,” Springob said it began as a leisurely activity that turned into a more professional goal.

“The book was something I did in my free time,” Springob said. “I didn’t tell anyone about it. My sister was the only one who really knew about it until it was written.”

Amanda Springob, Stacey Springob’s younger sister, said Stacey’s book made her feel ecstatic, and said they have always been close as sisters. Amanda said that she looks to her older sister as both a leader and role model. She credits her as being a driven ‘career woman.’

“I think Stacey’s book is exactly what young people need to hear about relationships and being honest with themselves,” Amanda said.

Amanda also said that she feels students will learn to be real with themselves through reading her sister’s biography.

“I find it both infuriating and awe-inspiring how brutally honest she is. Not just with other people, but also with herself and I think the fact that she knows herself so well is what has made her so successful,” said Amanda.

Stacey said that writing her book acted as an escape that allowed her to ‘write to every girl,’ whether that girl was without opportunity either because of the demands of her relationship or else.

“I had a friend who was complaining about her boyfriend, and after a while I just thought to myself, ‘I could write a book about all the things I learned from not being in a relationship’,” Stacey said. FrontBookCover copy

Kailey Pritzl, former co-employee and friend of Stacey’s, said that her book is relatable on many levels.

“I love her book,” Pritzl said. “It literally narrates most high school kids’ lives with heartbreak and transformations within the high school experience. It’s not often that someone writes a biography on relationships that are actually accurate.”

Pritzl said that Stacey’s book helped her develop her own dating mantras and reassured self-acceptance.

“The ideology she signifies is best summarized by, ‘I know that in any area of life, in any relationship a person has with another human being, love means respect in every culture and on every place in this world… you don’t go into a relationship to accept bullshit’,” said Pritzl. “Stacey has definitely helped me out multiple times with advice for my first year in college solely based on ideas from her book.”

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“I am now working to use my story through motivational speaking,” Stacey said.

Stacey also said that she hopes readers will continue to relate to her story and take her advice for its honest value.

“I just want people to step back and realize if they are that girl who stayed back after graduation for her boyfriend, that guy who is trying to figure out what girls want, or just someone who feels alone in figuring out life, that they need to take a moment to decide what they want for them,” Stacey said. “Relationships can be great. I’m not against them at all, but many people stay in relationships that tear them down.”

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