UWSP Students List their Favorite Off-Campus Dining Locations

While the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point is often applauded for having a great on-campus meal system, students cannot help but feel treated when leaving campus for meals.

Some UWSP students were able to develop a list of off-campus restaurants other students should seek out this semester when rewarding themselves with an off-campus meal. While there are many options, Noodles and Company, Charcoal Grill, and The Wooden Chair seemed to be the student’s fall favorites.

Noodles and Company is within walking distance of the campus dormitories. They offer a wide variety of pastas, salads, and sandwiches for around $6 to $10. Takeout is also an option for students on the go.

Junior Kalynne Hibbard said that a perk of eating at Noodles and Company is the friendly atmosphere.

“I love the fact that I can see familiar faces when I go to Noodles,” Hibbard said.

Charcoal Grill is further away from campus. They offer a wide variety of options for students that want to dine in. With a menu ranging from burgers, to flat bread, to salads, Charcoal Grill is accommodating for all diets and allergy restrictions with fair prices.

Peter Buck, the assistant general manager at Charcoal Grill, said that the restaurant offers something special for college students.  Especially for those new to campus.

“Charcoal Grill has a great atmosphere,” Buck said. “A lot of first and second year students come here with their parents after move-in day.”

Buck described the large floor space at Charcoal Grill as being accommodating for bigger parties, while their booths offer students a comfy space to seat all their friends.

Junior Demetrius Walker attested to Charcoal Grill’s positive atmosphere.

“I like the atmosphere and cleanliness of Charcoal Grill. The service and burgers are good,” Walker said.

While Charcoal Grill is a student favorite for dinner and lunch-hour meals, The Wooden Chair, located in downtown Stevens Point, draws in a happy breakfast crowd. Students are drawn to their excellent breakfasts and even bring their families along to enjoy their morning specials.

Though only open from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m., The Wooden Chair brings in a lot of Pointers with their fair prices and distinct atmosphere.

Freshman Dylan Hartwig recalled his first time eating at The Wooden Chair this semester.

“It’s adorable, quaint, and everything someone would need for a relaxing breakfast,” Hartwig said. “The brick walls add an emphasis to the rustic feel. It was lovely and I recommend it to anyone for a brunch date with family, lovers or friends.”

The Stevens Point area offers new plates to incoming or experienced students across the board. With such diverse cuisine, affordable prices, and a variety of places to try, it seems that off-campus dining is one step toward discovering the broader community of Stevens Point.

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