Intramurals is Something for Everyone

The intramural office strives to involve as many students as possible by offering a variety of games and sports.

“We like to make sure there are alternatives available to traditional sports like curling or trench ball,”said Ed Richman coordinator of campus activities and recreation. “We try to offer something for everyone.”

University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point Intramurals provides students with multiple leagues of almost every possible sport from volleyball to ultimate frisbee at both a Division I and Division II level.

“D1 is pretty much all about the competition and T-shirt and D2 is more of a rec league, it’s relaxed,” said senior intramural student manager Stephanie Mohrmann.

Division I participants play for five weeks before tournament play begins and the champions receive t-shirts. At the Division II level, participants play for six straight weeks and during the sixth week teams are matched up by their records. However, there is no prize for the champions at this level.

“The two separate divisions allow everyone to play at the level they choose,” Richmond said. “This way there is not one team that destroys everyone or anything.”

Men’s basketball, co-ed volleyball, soccer, and spring softball are among the most popular sports.

“I play volleyball,”said Kelcie Hooyman, a junior ecosystem restoration and management major. “My favorite part about intramurals is meeting new people and just getting out of the apartment and taking a break from school work.”

Interest in the spring softball league has grown in the past few years as well.

“We had 36 teams sign up so we had a full league,” Richmond said. “Spring has been tough for weather recently though. The depth of the softball fields made drainage tough and we ended up talking to the teams and just hosting a big tournament near the end of the year with 18 of them.”

Last year’s harsh winter took a toll on spring sports and fall sports can also take a beating if winter arrives too early.

“Whatever we do in the fall, we have to live with in the spring,” Richmond said.

This can make decisions difficult, especially when they want to let the leagues play.

“It’s not always up to us,” Mohrmann said. “We wait for the call that tells us whether or not we can go and tell our teams from there.”

There are a few sports that have not been offered recently due to lack of interest.

“Women’s basketball numbers are unbelievably low,” Mohrmann said. “Women’s sports in general have really been down. We’re not sure what the cause of the lull is, but women’s volleyball, for example, we haven’t had a league in a year and a half.”

Aside from all the leagues and activities offered, there are also a few one-day tournaments and events hosted by intramurals.

On Oct. 4 there will be golf tournament open to students and non students. Other tournaments included are 3-on-3 basketball tournament, a battleship tournament, a log rolling event, and a Top Dawg event.

“We also have a welcome week event where people can sign up in teams of four and go from station to station on the intramural fields trying out the different sports offered,” Richmond said.

Intramurals are also offering a new league this block. Backyard games made its debut this year, giving students the opportunity to play five different games throughout the league.

“Every week we’re playing a different game,” Richmond said. “There will be bocce, ladder golf, koob, spike ball and birdie golf.”

Some frequently asked questions are whether or not girls can play men’s basketball and flag football. The answers are mixed.

“I haven’t really looked into any other sports besides volleyball so I’m not sure all of the sports that are available,” Hooyman said. “I’ve always wanted to play football though.”

Sign-up for backyard games is extended through Sept. 20 for anyone who is still interested in playing.

If a group misses sign-ups for any sport, they can go to the captain’s meeting. If there is space left in the league, the team is interested in playing they will get the team situated to play.

“Free agents can come to the meetings too,” Mohrmann said. “There’s always somebody who needs somebody. We can match you up with a team that needs someone.”

Free agents can log into IMleagues, the website where all intramural signups are conducted, and ask to join a team that is low on players.

Block one play is starting now and signups for block two start Oct. 6 and run through Oct. 22. The block two captain’s meeting is Oct. 23.

“If you missed block one, come out and join us for block two,” Richmond said.

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