Scarabocchio Art Museum Displays Brandner’s Artwork
Photo by Emily Hoffmann.

Scarabocchio Art Museum Displays Brandner’s Artwork

The Scarabocchio Art Museum in downtown Stevens Point is featuring the unique artwork of University of Wisconsin- Stevens Point graduate Nathan Brandner this month.

Brandner, an art major, graduated from the UWSP in 2012. Art was something Brandner had been passionate about throughout his young adult life, making the decision to pursue art as a career simple.

“I would like to get across a classical feel through my artwork,” Brandner said. “I want to paint using the old world style.”

Brandner’s artwork showcases two mediums, charcoal and oil. His charcoal drawings portray humans, some clothed and others naked.

“They are figurative pieces,” Brandner said. “They demonstrate the ability to represent the natural world.”

The Scarabocchio Art Museum located in downtown Stevens Point. Photo by Emily Hoffmann.

The Scarabocchio Art Museum located in downtown Stevens Point. Photo by Emily Hoffmann.

Upon graduating from UWSP, Brandner got in touch with the museum’s curator, Brian Borchardt. Brandner expressed interest in showcasing his work there and this September he was given the opportunity to.

Brandner also sells his work, and he hopes to make art his full time job. Brandner was first given the chance to expand his artistic ability when enrolled in an art course in Florence, Italy.

“I went to Italy and learned a lot of painting techniques,” Brandner said. “There was amazing artwork everywhere I went. The course I took there is a reflection of my artwork today.”

Brandner particularly enjoys using oil for his paintings because he finds that medium to be forgiving and easy to work with. Use of this medium emphasizes Brandner’s unique artistic style.

Jennifer Hancock, junior dance and arts management major, is currently interning at the museum. Since beginning her internship, Hancock noticed visitors admiring Brandner’s work.

“Everyone really likes Nathan’s use of color and his interesting subjects,” Hancock said.

Hector Acuna, senior fine arts major, lies among Brandner’s admirers.

“His work is a representational style of artwork, which I can relate to,” Acuna said.

Acuna said he relates to Brandner’s love for oil paints.

“I mainly use oil when it comes to painting as well,” Acuna said.

Acuna also had his work featured at the museum, prior to Brandner. Though Acuna favors oils, he thinks it is a good idea for artists to experiment with other mediums.

“I think anyone interested in painting should try out every medium at least once,” Acuna said.

Acuna appreciates Brandner’s painting technique and style.

Brandner’s artwork featuring his signature style will be displayed until the end of the month at 800 Main St. in downtown Stevens Point. This makes the opportunity for student engagement easier and the chance for Brandner to have his artwork shown more exciting.

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