Students Suggest Cheap, Fun Date Ideas

Dating is a fun part of many college students’ social lives, and the university is the place to meet potential partners. However, dating can be costly, so coming up with cheap, fun date ideas is crucial for students.

Freshman Paige Roy suggests a walk through Schmeeckle Reserve and having a picnic out by the lake.

“This does not cost anything, and you can just enjoy being with the other person,” Roy said. “It’s different from a typical date, and it’s not what people usually choose to do, so it can spice up your relationship.”

People will get to know one of the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point’s top attractions while trying to connect with another person. For those on a tight budget, a free date is ideal, and going out to eat at nice restaurant tends to be pricey.

Luckily for Pointers, Belts’ Soft Serve is right down the street.

“It’s cheap and within walking distance of campus,” sophomore Thalia Naniot said.  “You also get to see the city as you walk there.”

Belts’ Soft Serve is a popular stop for dessert fans in Stevens Point and is a worthy date proposal for those in long-term relationships as well as for new couples. What begins as one date could turn into a beloved Friday night tradition for couples. It is open seven days a week from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. from the first Friday in March until the second Sunday in October.

Some students prefer to be more active on a date but still desire to maintain a level of privacy. Freshman Thor Becker suggests cooking dinner together.

“You can get to know the person better without the awkwardness or expense of going to a fancy restaurant,” Becker said. “You can choose where and what you want to cook and have a lot of fun doing it.”

Making dinner is a great way for students to expand their cooking skills, especially for newly independent students who may still be learning how to prepare meals on their own. Kitchens and cooking equipment are available for use in all residence halls. Whether a date is on campus, students have the opportunity to make their own meals together.

Students are resourceful when it comes to saving money, so coming up with a cheap but original date idea is not a difficult feat. Getting to know one another without the pressure of spending too much money helps relationships grow and be exciting at the university.

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