Marathon Club Welcomes Runners of All Experience Levels

Marathon Club hosts multiple runs every week to aid interested students with their training.

“You don’t have to be able to run a marathon,”said the club’s secretary Emma Doden.”We’ll just help you train. We cater to all different skill levels.”

The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point’s Marathon Club is available to anyone who wants to join.

“We’re open to whatever,” said the club’s president Collin Gaie. “We adapt to what people want to do.”

Each of the four board members lead a run every week, but the club allows any member to submit and lead a run. The leader chooses the pace of the run, but the pace is agreed upon by everyone present.

“We’re starting off the year so we’ll do easy three mile runs to encourage runners of all abilities,” said the club’s vice president Sara Schaetz. “Eventually we’ll increase in intensity and length.”

Even though the club focuses on running, requests for cross training are also welcomed.

“When we meet we talk about people’s goals and what we want to do, but we are definitely open to swimming, biking, or any sort of cross training,” Gaie said.

On Oct. 11, a few members of the club will run the Three Eagle Half Marathon in Three Lakes, Wis. Each semester, there are races the club tries to go to as a team. These races range from short fun runs to larger races. Last year a few members did the Ragnar trail series in Utah.

“If we get the club big enough and raise enough money, maybe we can do bigger runs,” Gaie said.

These races are not mandatory. Members have the option to go along, and support fellow runners, or completely opt out.

One perk of being a member of the club is that individuals are reimbursed for any race they enter in the state of Wisconsin. However, individuals can join without planning on ever running a race.

“You get out of this club what you put into it,” said Schaetz.

“Sara convinced me,” Doden said. “I like being active. It’s a good way to get off your couch and do something.

Schaetz convinced Doden to join because she found the club enjoyable.

“I love to run. Everyone is super friendly, and will help you achieve your goals,” Schaetz said. “It’s nice to get support from other runners.”

The club operates year round, even when temperatures drop and snow falls. Runs are only cancelled when the weather gets bad. Training is always a way to stay on top of their game during the winter.

“Try to bundle up and get outside. Or go to the Allen Center and use their equipment,” Doden said.“As long as you want to be active and you like running the club is for you.”

Rebecca Vosters
Sports Reporter

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