Letter from the Editor

Tuesday was my twentieth birthday.

I always imagined by the time I turned 20 I would be a sophisticated woman, with a plan for my life. When a man who stopped in our office Wednesday asked what I want to do after graduation, I responded by saying that I have no idea.

Clearly my childhood expectations of myself have not become reality yet, but I am not disappointed. I did not know that at 20 I would be running a student newspaper with the help of a staff so dedicated or that we would be covering issues tied to such responsibility, like voter identification and declining enrollment.

I may not be as sophisticated as I thought I would be at this point. I still eat ice cream for dinner and sit in my underwear watching bad reality TV. However, I have had the opportunity to meet many amazing people, including the man who dropped by our office.

This man is Leo Pieri, the chief executive officer of Lion Consulting and one of the most successful graduates of the Division of Communication. He stopped in while going for a run and explained that he had worked as the news editor of The Pointer in his time at UWSP.

Meeting him and learning of his journey to success, reminded me that learning, and growing into a successful woman, is what my twenties are about. Although my 9-year-old self had bigger plans, I realize that I am where I should be and that I have plenty of time to grow up.

Grace Ebert

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