Revive Wellness Club Encourages Healthy Trend
Sumathy Knappen, an employee at Revive, pours a nutritious smoothie for a customer. Photo by Emily Hoffmann.

Revive Wellness Club Encourages Healthy Trend

‘Fit is the new skinny’ took over the world of pop culture as a new trend and has begun to make its way to Stevens Point. Residents are concerning themselves with getting active and making healthier meal choices. Universities across the country are making efforts to provide students with better nutrition.

Here at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, Upper Debot provides nutrition information and consistently offers meatless options for it’s main courses.

Photo courtesy of Jay Sandifer.

Photo courtesy of Jay Sandifer.

Revive Wellness Club in downtown Stevens Point offers meals, nutrition coaching, wellness classes and several other programs to help customers get fit. Health coach Sumathy Knaapen at Revive thinks meal supplements are extremely helpful.

“The meals give our customers better nutrition than other options,” Knaapen said.

Revive offers meal replacement smoothies in a wide variety of flavors from more familiar tastes, such as orange, to original concoctions, like “Elvis with a Tan,” that combines banana and chocolate flavors.

Revive offers their smoothies at a low cost for healthy, fast meals in a comfortable atmosphere with ample space for customers to sit and enjoy them. Joanne Telfer, co-owner of Revive and health coach, shared the assets that Revive gives its customers access to.

“We offer free exercise classes, free nutrition classes, one-on-one health coaching, group support and our smoothie bar is open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.,” Telfer said.

The infamous Freshman 15 is a scare for new students who may be experiencing nutritional independence for the first time.

“The problem with gaining these bad habits is that they carry over later in life,” Telfer said. “Eating well helps with your studies, because when you are properly fueling your brain with the right nutrition, it is easier to do well in school.”

Sumathy Knappen and Jay Sandifer are employees at Revive. Photo by Emily Hoffmann.

Sumathy Knappen and Jay Sandifer are employees at Revive. Photo by Emily Hoffmann.

The ‘get fit’ trend helps students keep their fitness and weight loss goals in mind, but there is a darker side to this trend- especially in social media. Blogs that encourage anorexia,’pro-ana,’ have driven online users to harmful habits. These blogs support followers who share how much weight they lost by restricting their calorie intake, engaging in excessive exercise regimes or skipping meals all together.

Thigh gap and the bikini bridge have taken over pro-ana sites, acting as destructive visuals for online users. Revive employees encourage students to focus on positive goals, whether that is buying a smoothie or increasing activity. Maintaining a positive self-outlook, Revive employees say, is a benefit to staying in good health.

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