Selfie Esteem

Okay, the selfie thing has to stop.

No, people do not need to stop taking selfies.

People need to stop mocking and shaming others for doing it. If someone goes on vacation, to a party, to a sporting event, to whatever else, and they ask another person to take their picture, it is perfectly fine. No one gets upset. However, if you take pictures of yourself, suddenly society says you are being vain, you are being shallow, you are “acting like a teenage girl.”

There is no logic to hating the selfie itself. It makes no sense to care if someone else took the picture or if that person took it on their own. The hatred is not about the pictures. It is all about the people who are taking those pictures the most, young women.

Do not pretend that is not where all the original selfie hatred came from. It is because young women had the nerve to flood the newsfeeds of grown men with pictures of themselves, so those grown men had to start mocking and shaming the young women (I assume that the selfies were distracting those guys from all of the other things that make them angry on Facebook for no particularly good reason, Instagram pictures of people’s lunches maybe?).

Before you say it, I realize that it is not always just men doing the shaming, but that is the most common scenario I have seen by far. Also, women are not the only targets, but they get the shaming the most. When men do get made fun of for selfies, it is usually because they are … guess what? “Acting like girls.”

I understand not wanting young people to be vain, but there is nothing wrong with simply taking a picture of yourself somewhere to preserve a memory or liking the way you look on certain days and wanting to share it, wanting friends and family to offer you kind words that will make you feel a little more comfortable in your own skin.

We live in a world where people are constantly being made to feel bad about how they look (yes, particularly young women), and making them ashamed of posting their faces online is not helping.

So my suggestion is that you should just post what makes you happy. It is your social media profile. Be you. You do not have to feel bad about liking who you are on the outside because some other people feel bad about how ugly they are on the inside.

Brady Simenson

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