Toppers Appearance Catches up with Its Taste
The remodeled Toppers. Photo courtesy of Patrick Laughlin.

Toppers Appearance Catches up with Its Taste

Toppers Pizza redesigned the inside and outside of their store in order to create a more pleasant environment for pizza eaters.

Many students have either observed the renovations from the window of their car or had no idea of them.

“I was unaware they had been renovated,” said senior Brock Majkowski.

Senior David Kriewaldt remarked even though he does not eat Toppers, he saw its new look from the outside.

“I did notice the renovations,” said junior Paul Orentas. “It is no longer a run-down shack.”

Junior Jay Coleman spotted the difference while he passed it, driving down Division Street. “It’s definitely more appealing to the eye,” Coleman said. “It looks more upscale.”

None of them knew why the store remodeled, but they definitely noticed the external transformation.

The remodeled Toppers. Photo courtesy of Patrick Laughlin.

The remodeled Toppers. Photo courtesy of Patrick Laughlin.

Behind the bright red doors and geometric architecture awaited a staff whose love for pizza was channeled through the fresh paint and polished floors.

The local store, which acted as the catalyst for Toppers popularity, has received several renovations, which honor its age and food quality.

Toppers has 62 stores in the Midwest and Scott Gittrich, CEO of Toppers, said the Stevens Point store is one of the oldest in the company.

“It was beat-up,” Gittrich said. He explained the store’s appearance did not match Topper’s image, which he described as hip, modern, energetic and youthful.

The store has new wooden floors and wooden finishes which line the counters. Near the entrance, several stools line a counter and invite customers to sit down and soak in the friendly atmosphere the store produces.

Bradley Ames, manager of the Stevens Point Toppers, noted the renovations made the store more homey and inviting. He pointed to the cherry-red brick wall which gave the store a warmer vibe with a splash of color.

Ames commented he is in love with his job and the fun he and his workers have making pizza radiates from the store. People are drawn to their jovial attitude.

“We have quality food, but did not have a good area for people to relax,” Ames said.

The remodeling enhanced the family setting of Toppers. “Customers gravitate toward the family environment. We have fun making pizza even though it is not the highest paying job.”

As Ames explained his love for the profession, several workers whipped up orders while dancing to “New York, New York.” Their enthusiasm seemed to speak through the bold red walls, the crisp acoustics and the spacious lobby.

Ames said all they did was rearrange items in the store without expanding most of the outside. The largest shuffle was the walk-in cooler, placed as an extension in the back thus opening up room for a lobby.

Ames said one of the main goals of the renovation was to encourage people to physically sit down in the store and socialize with their friends and to enjoy the wait.

“Many people said we needed and deserved a remodeling because our design wasn’t complimentary to the food we offered,” Ames said.

Gittrich said the Stevens Point Topper’s was how the brand was able to spread across the Midwest.

“The Stevens Point store was a big reason we were able to expand so much,” Gittrich said. “Many people have said they know Toppers from Stevens Point.”

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