Vue’s Music Honors Hmong Culture
Hmong singer Maa Vue's Album cover. Photo courtesy of Maa Vue.

Vue’s Music Honors Hmong Culture

Maa Vue has a unique style and profound lyrics that set her apart from other musical artists. She has an undeniable talent, adored within the Hmong community and outside of it.

Since Vue was young, she has been passionate about music. She took choir classes and joined show choir. Now, she is a junior arts management major at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. Last year, Vue was signed to a small record label. Her music has become very popular and she tours across the country.

“She is talented and she’s gifted. Her lyrics are smart. She speaks from her soul,” said admirer Kristine McCaslin.

Photo courtesy of Maa Vue.

Photo courtesy of Maa Vue.

Vue’s first music video was shot on the University of Wisconsin- Marathon County campus. McCaslin, auxiliary service director at UWMC, met Vue through her work with the Multicultural Resource Center. McCaslin once acted as it’s former director.

“I don’t speak Hmong, but you can still feel the emotion and the energy in Maa’s songs. I appreciate that as someone who does not speak her language,” McCaslin said.

Vue graduated from UWMC with an associate degree last May.

Harles Vang is a junior at UWSP and is also a good friend of Vue’s. Vang was a fan of Vue’s work before he knew her personally. They became friends by communicating through social media websites like Facebook and YouTube.

“She’s gone really far from the first time I saw her perform compared to who she is now. I definitely thought she was going to be a star,” Vang said.

Vue believes her everyday life and marriage of four years, are the inspirations behind her music.

“In the Hmong community, this does not happen too often where a Hmong Artist would be able to travel across the states to promote their work,” Vue said.

According to Vue, her songs can be categorized as ballads or contemporary music.

“I sing in my native tongue to preserve our culture and language,” Vue said.

Photo courtesy of Maa Vue.

Photo courtesy of Maa Vue.

Vue feels she is very fortunate to have fans and a record label that support her. On her first album, she has eight tracks, which she wrote herself.

“The messages I try to portray in my music are hope, self-love, loving others and happiness,” Vue said.

Though she does not plan on pursuing a lifelong career in the music industry, she hopes to work toward becoming a music coordinator, reflecting upon the rewards she has already received from her experiences. Vue hopes to continue to spread her Hmong heritage through music, even if she’s not singing herself in her professional future.

“My music has done so much for me already in terms of seeing the world and meeting talented individuals and professionals and I am grateful,” Vue said.

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