Wisconsin Vlogger Talks YouTube Popularity
YouTube vlogger Mark Pochow. Photo courtesy of Mark Pochow.

Wisconsin Vlogger Talks YouTube Popularity

Mark Pochow, a 2013 Marquette University graduate, is not your average post-grad. Like many Wisconsin students, he grew up in a small town and left his university with a degree in biomedical engineering and marketing.

His academic accomplishments led him to his next big resume stamp as a popular YouTube vlogger.

“While I was at Marquette I was on the swim team as well as in an acapella group,” Pochow said. “Once I graduated college, I moved back into my parent’s house and got a job at a marketing firm doing social media work around the same time that I started my YouTube channel.”

Pochow began his YouTube channel in February 2013. He credits Tyler Oakley, LGBTQ+ advocate and YouTube vlogger, and Miranda Sings, a humorous vlogger with unmistakable red lips for his channel’s inspiration.

“I was always telling myself ‘I can do this’ and I attempted to make a few videos that have now been deleted and burned,” he said. “One day I decided to plan one out and post it. The response I got was pretty supportive, so I kept making more.”

Pochow said strangers outside of the Milwaukee area have recognized him on a few occasions.

“It was very strange that people knew me from the internet because I’m such a tiny YouTuber, but it was wonderful to meet people that I have brought a laugh to,” Pochow said.

One of his most well-known videos that has garnered over 265,325 views is called ‘Sh*t Wisconsinites Say.’ Pochow normally reaches an audience of several thousand views per video.

“YouTube can uniquely connect people unlike any other social media platform because everyone on it is creating rather than just reposting or writing a status,” Pochow said. “I’ve made friends all over the world because of it.”

Kelly Matthies, longtime friend of Pochow and Carroll College graduate, said that what attracts viewers to Pochow’s videos is his special personality.

“He has the uncanny ability to make people laugh and forget about their worries for the day for the short two to three minutes where they press that play button,” Matthies said. “What’s great about his channel is that the sarcastic and sassy personality you see on film is exactly how he acts in real life. Mark also can take a serious topic and turn it into something heartfelt, which broadens his reach.”

Shoshauna Schmidt met Pochow while studying at Marquette. She agrees his attractiveness lies within his ability to reach out to diverse audiences.

“Mark’s channel is special because of his heart behind it,” Schmidt said. “His main goal with this channel and basically his daily life, is to make people smile. He is an amazing voice of the millennial generation and for the LGBTQ+ community.”

Pochow’s personal favorite YouTube video that he has created is called ‘22 Ways to Come Out’.

“It still makes me laugh today,” Pochow said. “When I thought of the idea, National Coming Out day was a few weeks away. I wanted to make a video that took a really hard and challenging experience and made people smile.”

Matthies has been friends with Pochow since the seventh grade. She said that she always knew if the opportunity had presented itself to him, Pochow would make a great public figure.

“He thoroughly enjoys making people laugh by channeling his creative spirit and YouTube has given him the platform to do that,” Matthies said. “I think he will continue to make these videos and more will start to go viral.”

Schmidt feels Pochow will continue to stand out on YouTube because of his Wisconsin roots.

“Mark’s Midwestern perspective is super fun, especially to those of us from that area,” Schmidt said. “He’s goofy, fun, sarcastic and is incredibly hard-working. I keep telling him not to forget about the little people when he gets huge one day, and while he thinks I’m kidding, I have confidence he’ll get there.”

Pochow has plans for a bright future with friends and fans to support him. He hopes to continue to inspire students across the nation with his humorous and engaging YouTube channel.

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