Don’t Say “I can’t get it”
The pink breast cancer ribbon. Courtesy of Wikipedia/Messer Woland.

Don’t Say “I can’t get it”

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the Women’s Resource Center will have a table the whole week starting Oct. 6 in the Dreyfus University Center to raise awareness about breast cancer.

October started with Pink Week, but now it is time to maintain the awareness in the campus body.

Alyssa Oltmanns, gender and sexuality outreach coordinator of Diversity and College Access, said they will attract people by cranking Beyoncé music and tabeling in the DUC.

Oltmanns said October is a very active month because in addition to Breast Cancer Awareness Month, it is also Domestic Violence Awareness Month. The WRC plans to inform students about both issues.

“We want to do a theme around Beyoncé’s song ‘Flawless’,” Oltmanns said. “What is something, as a woman, that makes you flawless and no one can take away from you?”

Brianna O’Dell, the resource coordinator for the WRC, shared information about breast cancer she was once unaware of.

“I read one of our pamphlets and found out you should get your first mammogram around 21 or 22,” O’Dell said.

O’Dell stressed the importance of self-checking every month.

“The self-checking is not taken as seriously as it should be,” O’Dell said.

Loren DeLonay, the WRC’s promotions coordinator, said breast cancer affects a lot of people. She said that even men can get it.

According to and the American Cancer Society’s website, one in eight women will have breast cancer in their lifetime.

In contrast, men are 100 times less likely to have breast cancer than women, but it can still happen.

Many people commonly believe breast cancer is something they should start worrying about when they are older, but it can occur at a young age.

Kim Lizan Lorenz, volunteer coordinator of the WRC, said she worked with a woman who was 23 and had already dealt with breast cancer.

“We didn’t know she had breast cancer until she told us,” Lizan Lorenz said.

The WRC wants to inform students about the facts and personal stories of people who have dealt with breast cancer.

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