Fall Enrollment Decreases

Fall enrollment at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point is down about 295 students, and officials ensure requirements for admission and resources available for students will not be altered.

In tuition revenue, UWSP will have $1.9 million less than last year due to decreased enrollment and a lack of transfer students and early graduates.

According to Jim Barrett, the associate vice chancellor for enrollment management, 217 more students graduated  last year than the previous year. The new General Education Program is helping students graduate sooner than in the past.

“The General Education Program is doing what we hoped to do, which is allowing a more timely graduation,” Barrett said. “The negative is that we would be concerned about the financial aspect of it, but we also want to make sure that students are succeeding.”

Barrett also said the university had 57 less transfer students this fall.

“We are dedicated to find more freshman and transfer students for the spring,” Barrett said. “We’re looking at next year’s incoming class, and we want to increase the size of it.”

Even with declining enrollment, Barrett does not foresee changing the university’s admission requirements.

“We want to maintain the quality of students we are attracting,” Barrett said. “Our average ACT is 22.9. We don’t see that changing. If we have to work harder to get students, that’s fine.”

Greg Diemer, the vice chancellor for business affairs, is confident in the ability of the university to recruit students from both in and out of state.

“We will try to not impact students with any changes due to the enrollment reduction, but it could have an impact on the number of extra sections we are able to offer,” Diemer said.

Sophomore communication major Sydney Inks hopes the enrollment this year does not affect UWSP’s available resources.

“It’s unfortunate that our enrollment is going down, especially because I feel that Stevens Point is a great school for all of our disciplines,” Inks said. “As a school, we have a lot to offer.”

The university’s management staff will be working rigorously to increase UWSP’s enrollment for next year.

“We welcome any suggestions that people would have and take them to heart,” Barrett said. “ We are glad to have everybody here.”

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