Daisho Con Prepares for their Annual Convention
Students at a past Daisho Con event. Photo courtesy of Melissa Habberley.

Daisho Con Prepares for their Annual Convention

Students planned an anime convention that packs stereotypically nerdy activities into one location for all to enjoy.

Students at a past Daisho Con event. Photo courtesy of Melissa Habberley.

Students at a past Daisho Con event. Photo courtesy of Melissa Habberley.

Daisho Con is a student-run convention that features video games, science fiction, anime, cosplay and fantasy. The convention is held Nov. 21 to the 23 at the Kalahari Resort in Wisconsin Dells.

Junior Sarah Olson organized the cosplay contest.

“The cosplay contest is where the conventions goers make their own costumes that are based off of T.V. show characters or video game characters,” Olson said.

There are many activities attendees can pick from, one of them being video games.

Photo courtesy of Melissa Habberley.

Photo courtesy of Melissa Habberley.

“They have a video game room where they put on tournaments and contests,” Olson said.

Olson said that in order to make the video game room possible, club members had to find people willing to donate their games for that purpose. This demonstrated the large amount of group work which goes into planning the convention.

According to Olson, they expect 4,000 visitors.

Senior Olivia Offenbacher, the guest coordinator for Daisho Con, has been involved for two years. As guest coordinator, she invites voice actors, artists, and animators to the convention.

To pull all the events together, the members of Daisho Con collaborated to make the convention memorable.

“It’s really fun, I know sometimes people have worries or concerns about working in groups, but you all have the same mission in mind,” said Offenbacher.

Planning for Daisho Con is a yearlong process. When this year’s conventions ends, club members will start an extensive planning process for the next convention.

“We do things such as department updates, and we work with our board of director for contracts,” Offenbacher said. “We do contracts such as rooming requirements at the Kalahari and businesses that want to sponsor us.”

Olson said in order to increase advertising, several club members will go to other conventions in Wisconsin to promote Daisho Con.

The convention provides a full palette of events for attendees to check out.

“They will be able to do a lot of shopping,” Offenbacher said. “There is an entire vendor room of items and equipment that are made and shipped from around the world.”

In addition to shopping, attendees can see what else the convention and the resort have to offer.

“They can go chill out at the waterpark. We have our rave on Friday and Saturday,” Offenbacher said.

For Offenbacher, all the planning and hard work poured into the convention was worth it.

“My favorite part is seeing it all work together, I love to see all the conventions goers coming and smiling and having a good time.”

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