Defining What It Means To Be A Pointer
Students show their Pointer pride. Photo courtesy of Hannah Thompson.

Defining What It Means To Be A Pointer

When asked how University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point has impacted students emotionally, many say it has to do with the people surrounding them.

“It has kind of given me more confidence to talk to people whether it be professors or others,” said sophomore Ellie Corbin.

In addition to confidence, students enjoyed the time to expose themselves to new experiences and cultures.

Pointers_Alexia Szabo

Even abroad, Pointers love to show their UWSP pride. Photo courtesy of Alexia Szabo.

“I would say it definitely gave me space away from home,” said sophomore Phil Scott. “I am the minority in my friend group, so it made me a bit more open-minded.”

Junior Katie Kovach said before she came to UWSP she was shy and reserved, but now she finds it easier to approach people.

“They seem to take actual interest in where you came from and where you are going,” Kovach said.

Senior Jordan Fuller said he was able to get to know the community of Stevens Point better.

“The students and full-time residents are very friendly,” Fuller said.

He included a perk that not many college students think of.

“The greater Stevens Point area is a great area to have a family,” Fuller said.

Even though students were influenced by the people surrounding them, they will eventually graduate. They will continue to open up to a new world of possibilities and meet new people just as they did at UWSP.

Some students’ prospects were more defined than others, but others wanted to keep an open mind.

Corbin’s major is natural resources and social and policy sciences, but she said that might change soon. However, she said her education was important to her.

“It’s the basis of what I’ll be doing for the rest of my life,” Corbin said.

In addition, Corbin said it will be interesting to look back at the memories made.

Scott’s major is sociology, but he is also a hip-hop artist who goes by the name Laye and his future path depends on how his music career plays out.

“I have a fan base and a deal on the table, however, I have a backup and an education to fall on,” Scott said.

Kovach wants to give back to the world when she earns her degree in psychology.

“It’ll mean that I have a place in the world and be able to help people,” Kovach said.

Fuller said he wants a long-term job related to hydrology and to have a stable lifestyle.

“Working, having a family and being able to provide are the main goals for me,” Fuller said.

Being a Pointer is a decision that is left to the individual. The community is friendly and inviting and even when the students graduate, they will have their experiences and memories to carry with them into the world.

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Pointlife Editor

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