Slouching Causes More Than Shoulder Pain
Poor posture can cause back and shoulder problems. Photo by Emily Hoffmann.

Slouching Causes More Than Shoulder Pain

Many students spent a lot of time sitting in front of a computer screen either typing up a report due tomorrow or sifting through Tumblr or Facebook.

According to, in 2013 college students spent over five hours on a laptop each day. With all this time in front of a screen, people begin to slouch and not pay attention to their posture.

Casey Weber, a massage therapist for Shakti Massage, said tension is stored in the muscles between the shoulder blades. When the shoulders are rolled forward for too long, it causes the muscles to become over stretched.

However, when Weber works with a client she will only lightly massage the trapezius and the rhomboid, which hold the shoulders back, to avoid stretching them out more.

“Giving them the attention is nice,” Weber said.

Weber said it is actually the pectoral muscles which produce the shoulder pain.

People usually feel the pain in their back first and do not notice their pectorals.

“They don’t feel the pain until their pecs are worked on,” Weber said. “Clients are surprised at how much tenderness is in their pecs and will usually comment on it.”

It is easy to forget about posture while sitting at a computer, so Weber recommends people should remember to lead their body with their heart.

“You will find that you can breath better, your back and head naturally align, so your chin isn’t jutting out,” Webber said.

When Webber was asked what she would tell her clients she said it would be to increase their water intake.

“When you increase your water intake, it will promote good blood flow and the muscles will get more oxygen carried to them,” Webber said.

Good posture is crucial to making the entire body feel better. While working on the computer or walking to class, remember to lead with the heart.

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