Reconsider Moped Parking


As a wellness campus, the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point encourages students living on campus to leave vehicles at home and use other forms of transportation.


Fewer vehicles on campus relieves parking tension in already full lots and also helps reduce carbon emissions. Many students walk or use bikes or mopeds as alternatives.


Such alternatives as walking and biking can keep students physically active, while also reducing environmental impact and saving gas money.


Mopeds are similarly effective environmentally and financially, as they use much less gas.


According to UWSP Parking Services, licensed mopeds are permitted to park next to bike racks on sidewalks. While this gives parking spaces in lots to cars and motorcycles, it also can cause problems for bikers who wish to use bike racks. Too many mopeds block racks and make access to them difficult for bikers.


It can also be dangerous for those walking to have mopeds driving on sidewalks. I have almost been run over by someone on a moped and have heard the same complaint from other students.


In order to encourage UWSP to be a wellness campus with little vehicle use, it is important to create simple access to these racks to make biking to campus easier than driving.


Parking on campus is a continual issue and as the search for new space becomes more difficult, it is important to encourage these alternative modes of transportation.
Colder months are coming, which will put this issue at rest until spring. However, it is important that as a university we reevaluate moped parking on campus and consider further options, such as opening up lots to moped parking.

Grace Ebert


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