Parking on Campus Raises Frustration
Overcrowded parking lots cause frustration for students on campus. Photo by Emily Hoffmann.

Parking on Campus Raises Frustration


The Parking Advisory Board, comprised of students, faculty and staff, is getting back together and working to solve many parking dilemmas on campus.

Metered parking serves as another parking options for students on campus. Photo by Emily Hoffmann.

Metered parking serves as another parking options for students on campus. Photo by Emily Hoffmann.

“It’s ridiculously hard to find parking,” said senior Cara Staub. “The parking lots only offer overnight parking from 7 p.m. to 2 a.m., so then I’m forced to park on the street and there’s a two-hour limit for that, too. It doesn’t make much sense to me.”

According to Tyler Forsythe, the parking advisory board chairman, there are going to be multiple solutions discussed that will hopefully solve this predicament. The first meeting was on Oct. 15.

“Overcrowding on campus parking is due to multiple issues. Two of the more prominent issues include overselling lots by about 25 percent and retired parking permits,” Forsythe said. “Basically, some retired faculty has received permanent parking privileges in any lot on campus. This is a good incentive for faculty, however detrimental to parking. Around 400 retired parking permits are currently circulating.”

Forsythe also acknowledged that parking permits are handed out based on seniority, putting younger students at a severe disadvantage.

“I don’t think I was even capable of bringing my car freshman year,” junior Libby Steeber said. “I remember I had a couple friends who were constantly complaining about how they wouldn’t be able to find a parking spot after being gone for a weekend. So come Sunday, one of them was forced to park in K-Mart and got a ticket. So obviously after seeing all the issues they had, I wasn’t eager to bring my car here.”


Photo by Emily Hoffmann.

Photo by Emily Hoffmann.

Forsythe explained this will be the last year Lot X will be a part of campus parking. Beginning in fall of 2015, construction of the new science building will begin.

According to Carl Rasmussen, the director of facilities planning, the structure should be complete in spring of 2017. This is why the board wants to set aside a large fund in order to construct the new 75 car parking lot.

“I think we need something with more than one level. In Madison, they have multiple seven-story parking structures, and here they give us a few metered lots and call it a day,” Steeber said.

Forsythe said the multi- level parking structure originally proposed is no longer on the table due to insufficient funds. Despite the university’s lack of funds, the reformation of the board’s aims to improve parking on campus.


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