Shockwave Seeks Successful Season
MaryClaire Streator, Katherine Ebensperger, Casey Barton, McKenna Schaffer, Ellie Corbin, Ashley Schlapper, Jen Kozuch, Andie Jurcoi, Lindsey Reach and Brie Ashauer of the Shockwave team. Photo courtesy of Ashley Schlapper.

Shockwave Seeks Successful Season

The women’s club ultimate frisbee team is down in numbers but plans to have a strong and successful season.

“We have some new faces and plenty of attitude and talent,” said senior co-president and cutter Ashley Schlapper. “I’m excited to see how that will help the team this year.”


Photo courtesy of Rob Lyke.

Photo courtesy of Rob Lyke.

Shockwave also has new coach Dan Albert this year, and the team is excited to have him.

“He is really helpful. We have such a small number of girls. It’s nice to have someone in power this year,” said Katherine Ebensperger, the senior co-president, cutter and handler.

Photo courtesy of Rob Lyke.

Photo courtesy of Rob Lyke.

Ebensperger has played since her freshman year and enjoys the change of pace.

“He has had years of experience and practice,” Ebensperger said. “He brought in a new offense, defense and new drills to practice. Until now we have just been using the same drills since I started.”

The team has a couple goals in mind.

“I would like to avoid getting injured and go back to regionals this year,” said Andie Jurcoi,  junior treasurer and cutter.

Schlapper wants to improve on field awareness and up field throws. She also wants to see the regional field again this year.

“We made it to regionals last year with a lot less girls. I believe we can do it again this year,” Schlapper said. “We have a lot of the same people. I have faith.”

UW-Milwaukee and UW-Eau Claire are the toughest teams Shockwave will face this season.

Schlapper has confidence in how the team will fare as they learn more about ultimate.

“We have a lot of talent and the skill levels are still up from last year,” Schlapper said.

She is happy to see new people learn from returners.

Jurcoi would like to see Shockwave’s style carry over from last year.

“We’re a huck happy team so we do a lot long distance throws, and I think we should keep doing that,” Jurcoi said.


The Shockwave team. Photo courtesy of Rob Lyke.

The Shockwave team. Photo courtesy of Rob Lyke.

The team has grown since last year, and the new players have continued to improve. However, Shockwave would like more members.

Seven players are on the field at a time, and the team only has 12 consistent team members.

“We need to get more members,” Ebensperger said. “My goal this year is to build the team. It would be great to see some more new faces and retain them.”

Even though the year has started, new members are still welcome.

“You can still join. It’s not too late,” Jurcoi said.

With two practices a week, ultimate is a good activity to join that would not eat away too much time in a busy college schedule.

“Ultimate is a good way to stay involved if you have played sports and are looking for a way to stay active and competitive with less commitment,” Ebensperger said.



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