All Hallow’s Rave Offers a Fun Time For Students

Spirits fly free during Halloween, and the All Hallow’s Rave is meant to soothe students’ restless souls worried about impending midterms and projects.

The Residence Hall Association wants to offer an alternative to the college house party scene by hosting All Hallow’s Rave.

“It gives students a way to relax and meet new people,” said Jenna Crayton, the RHA special events chair.

This is the second year, and they want to keep it exciting.

In order to keep the dance lively, music is key.

“We will have a DJ from Jock in the Box,” Crayton said. “They have worked well with what we have done in the past.”

The All Hallow’s Rave offers an alternative to Halloween partying.

“It’s a Halloween event that does not involve the typical party scene or drinking,” Crayton said.

Kaleb Kratwell, an RHA special events committee member, worked on the creative aspects of the dance to make it as interesting. Kratwell said he wants students to attend because more people make it more fun.

“The hardest aspect is probably just making a dance that the students will actually want to go to while keeping it appropriate,” Kratwell said.

However, Kratwell is reinventing the activities at the dance to make it extraordinary.

“I want them to feel like it isn’t just another dance where they get popcorn, cotton candy and raffles,” Kratwell said.

Kratwell said the committee is still trying to find events to add to the dance, but he enjoyed planning the event because of the wonderful ideas they bounced off each other.

Since midterms are sneaking up, Kratwell and Crayton agreed it would be a good break for students to let loose and have fun during the Halloween season.


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